Video Editing Basics | After Effects Tutorial

Video Editing Basics | After Effects Tutorial

Something different for those that are interested in creating their own video content
with After Effects.

P.S. In the video I mention closing bracket which I mean is Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]


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  1. Hello, you mention at the beginning of this tutorial that you would suggest other programs rather than After Effects. What software would you suggest for someone combining multiple videos and photos?

  2. I have a couple of questions, 1. I make pop up texts in other projects and download them as comps and insert them to my desired vid, is this the right thing to do? And 2. Whats the best format I can use to get the same quality or even better than I recorded with, with the sound?

  3. there is a problem I have been facing but with a different kind of videos; whenever I try to render out a stop motion project in H.264, it just outputs to a crazy fast video. In preview, it would play perfectly normal and it will still render normally if render to .avi but not H.264. Any ideas? Also, thanks a lot for the tutorial💙 learned a lot!

  4. I never use a coloured background, it makes dissolves between two shots impossible, or reduced opacity and fades etc unworkable. Straight forward cutting shots together I can see it’s use to alert the editor to gaps where other shots need to go or indeed to ensure your edit is literally tight, but personally I’ve never had an issue editing on a classic black. And overlay? You can do that with cc spotlight in two seconds if it’s a soft dark outer edge you’re looking for. Most of these tricks are learned the long way by watching videos online that are posted by paid by the hour FX guys, they themselves use the short method. Inside info there.

  5. This is awesome! Must watch for all the new comers who want to learn editing QUICKLY! Thank you once again for making this awesome video. Cheers 😀

  6. HEY!!!! Thank you for the awesome tutorial. I have to edit a movie for an assignment and this tutorial showed me everything I needed to know. Keep up the awesome work. 🙂 Cheers!

  7. You have an editing software, why didn’t you edit this video? Ffs, I don’t have an hour to watch you piss about with setting only to finally get to the point 45 minutes in.

  8. thank you so much, i suffered from a problem that i didnt know how to fix and now i do. THANK you abd you just earned a new subscriber!

  9. Great tutorial man, it did help me to understand how to edit video here. I have 0 knowledge and you really took your time to explain all these stuff. Congrats man! Blessings from Costa Rica!

  10. Jeez these comments, such ungrateful person they are. I’m a beginner in AE and this video did help a lot for me to understand some of the features. Stop hating just because the video is too long, his explanation was very detailed tho. I don’t want to spent few bucks for attending classes to understand these skills, I can watch this vid instead. Thanks to Fmlad 😉

  11. Thanks for the help you said you were experienced with editing on here so i was wondering if you can help me edit im new to this software and what im trying to do with this software is diffrent from what you showed. If you would like to help please message me on instagram @Heckinn

  12. What graphics card do you use? I have got an nvidea gtx 780 but this doesn’t support CUDA so it renders on mij 8 cores instead and I can say they hit up to about 80% 🙈 my ram hits to about 15 gig when rendering , I have 32 but in windows 7 I only can use 16 gig in full potential and it will overclock when it goes higher than 16gig… anyway … i think I’m gonna instal windows 8.1 or maybe 10 and buy the nvidea titan X , it should work beter than 😜 I hope 🙈

  13. Loved this video. It was so helpful and taught me a lot. But I have to be honest… it laughed so hard when you said "this is gonna be a short video about…." and I looked at the time and it said 55 mins and 58 seconds. LMAO. Still watched every minute though. I needed this!

  14. when i was done rendering the video in QuickTime format i open it and the audio was out of sync a couple of seconds. how can i fix it?

  15. Thanks for the tutorial bro, means a lot considering I’m a beginner but can you tell me the settings you used for the comp:))))) Thank youuuuuu!

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