Salaam Remi On Producing For The Fugees, Nas, Amy Winehouse and The New Generation

Salaam Remi On Producing For The Fugees, Nas, Amy Winehouse and The New Generation

Producer Salaam Remi discusses how he got started in the music industry, helping shape the sound of The Fugees, Nas and Amy Winehouse, working with Mack Wilds now and releasing a ton of new music every three months.

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  1. His humbleness and genuine love for music and doing things for the culture are part of what makes him such a legend. I like the way he moves. Thank you, Salaam, for all of your contributions #salute #respect

  2. People really be sleeping on Lisa Lefteye’s Supernova album, understandably it was different from what we knew her to contribute to TLC and it was ahead of its time in terms of content! However it inspired the Brits a lot and brought y’all Amy Winehouse…. imagine her wanting her to have the producer and thats what "kickstarted" (irony) her career!!
    Shout out to Lisa RIP, she inspired more people than she would EVER know!!

  3. Never seen his face before but will never forget his name…on records like Fugeela…remix on fugees album…Neve knew he even produced Patra Think that tune was like boom! faya!

  4. 2:07 the sample that would be used in Sonic Adventure

  5. To me hes better than every producer in the game. Hes part of the hip hop golden age. This man has classic upon classic.

  6. we need a new version of 106&park with good music not this ….I have a chopper cars money and ima kill you music that everybody is making….we need some new vision music for people to go in a different direction.

  7. This man produced Nas’ “Made You Look”, “Get Down”, and “Thief’s Theme”. This man produced “Fu-gee-la”. Mad respect

  8. Very nostalgic feeling interview, never knew this talent was behind all this amazing music. Great interview!

  9. You can tell how much he loved and cared about Amy the way he was affected by her passing and the really respectful way he talked about her, not like other greedy cats who tried to leech from her before and after her passing.

  10. I don’t know why people always hate on Angela…she always comes ready with knowledge of the guest and good questions

  11. One of the greatest. True Unsong Hero. Very easy to jump on names like Premo, Dre, Pete Rock or Dilla but this guy right here made commercial urban music very credible in an era dominated by gritty hip hop. Respect.

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