1. scrolling across is hella annoying (+ extremely hard to read)
    I suggest putting them as subtitles or leaving them out if you dont want them across the stream

  2. BIG mistake in displayed lyricsLights are low and the MUZAK is loud. An important distinction, and quite deliberate by Rafferty.

  3. Out in the sun listening to this, stunningly beautiful and brilliant, where have all the seriously talented rock musicians and lyric writers gone? You are so badly missed.

  4. The best song of all times.The best musician of all times. The best poet in music of all times
    Greetings from the high seas

  5. night owl great song and album , wrong lyrics though aren’t they "the lights are low and the MUZAK is loud" better of watching the video without the lyrics , perhaps you’ll Get it right next time

  6. Great artist and great song, 🙂 I agree with Tommy. Although I’m working on a song with some other youtubers and I was wondering about including words, They are a bit distracting right accross the screen. Is it possible to have them scrolling accross the bottom anyone know? I have this feeling it was an option on Moviemaker when I used it once before.

  7. Along with Dan Fogelbergs, Leader of the band, Night owl are my two favourite songs. Dan and Gerrys talents are missed, hope the next generation can relate to the songs

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