Realistic! 3D Video! With 3D Sound! (TEST)

Realistic! 3D Video! With 3D Sound! (TEST)

More 3D This 3D video was filmed with a new thing I made so that I can now film 3D sound and 3D video at the same time. Put on any king of headphones and 3D glasses or you can use you evo 3D or 3d tv or what ever you have. just choose you viewing method with the 3d icon.(above) I made a head with 2 cameras for eyes and 2 microphones for ears. I is one of the coolest thing I made. It looks just like a head with eyes and ears. I got some cool videos planned with this new setup I made so be sure to subscribe!
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  1. Lol, caps locks, cruise control for cool. Anyway, what headset with mic do you recommend? I want it to be large, surround sound, comfy as all hell, and make me a sammich. Lol

  2. Icant cross my eyes to see this bc i have 20/30 vision in one eye and 20/15 vision in the other eye. Also, my left eye is off by 1mm

  3. Two mics spaced ear-length apart and two cameras eye space apart, eh. Cross eyed 3d is best, the colors stay the same and I’m still like, get that stuff out of my face! Haven’t tried shutter glasses yet, though.

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