Camtasia Audio Editing

Camtasia Audio Editing

Camtasia Audio Editing

Audio editing can be a big chore and it can be fun if you know the techniques to get the job done right as efficiently as possible.

In this video about audio editing tips in Camtasia 9, we go through a gamut of subjects including:

– Setting up track for editing – zoom and height
– Managing volume – volume bar, volume leveling *, noise removal *, audio points
– Clipping, Silencing
– Cutting out filler words
– Fixing plosives and mouth clicks
– Editing out filler words
– Mixing music and voice tracks; fade-in and fade-out

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  1. I had no idea you could adjust audio segments like that. That seems much easier than cutting out segments when you are working with on camera video.

  2. Much needed video my friend! Thank you! Audio is so essential for video and editing creation. Major Key Alert!

  3. More great tips Gord, I never knew that you could just add volume points, that’s a really useful thing to know 🙂

  4. Excellent audio editing tips Gord. I think with Camtasia 9 they vastly improved their audio editing capabilities in comparison to Camtasia 8.

  5. Nice job. I am using Videos in mission critical ways like in court cases . I was wondering if you are interested in a freelance relationship where me and my clients send you "audio editing work" in cases where peoples lives are at stake and large amounts of money is involved. I obviously understand the an Effective 4K streaming media video use in court must have excellent video mixing / editing. Best wishes Kevin Donahoe .

  6. Love your stuff Gord. You have a wonderful positive method of teaching Camtasia. I learn new tips and tricks with every video.Very helpful!
    Thank you my friend.

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