Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8: video and sound recording comparison

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8: video and sound recording comparison

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We take the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 for a night out at a concert to see how the top Android smartphones will record video in the scarce light in a club, and who has the better sound recording capabilities.


  1. Haha. This is so funny with all the fanboys getting their arse in to make their phone win. Look, from a total impartial point:
    One M8 looks sharper in video and also way better in audio especially when sound touches high note.
    Now this is the case of night time. Perhaps daytime video will bring opposite result in case of video but not for audio.
    Get it fanboys 🙂

  2. Well, getting the HTC One M8 then, obviously the sound quality is better, and in these conditions even the video quality is superb over the S5 (Moving objects occasionally a blur, and also doesnt show as much detail), but even so, do i really need a camera for my phone? Not really, atleast i dont anyway, besides if i ever took selfies, the One beats it anyway with a 5 MP front facing camera

  3. @allhellhere Your right 👍 except in the audio part, we have to recognize that the Galaxy S5 sounds better that the Htc in this record. I can’t wait to see a comparison with the Lumia 1020 (best camera phone ever)

  4. I feel like the One is better because the S5 camera can take in 4x the detail but the One managed to make its quality look just as good if not better in some areas

  5. M8 has that better mic built in almost like a Nokia but not as good.  Galaxys always sound like shit at concerts especially bigger shows with louder speakers (I’m a galaxy owner)

  6. Only a slight difference so we can say that the camera isn’t a deal breaker. Now, I’m back on the fences deciding which is better.

  7. I hate to say it but the HTC one M8 clearly one this. Sharper and more accurate. Every time you pause the video and compare the images, the HTC always shows a lot more detail in these lighting conditions. If you had to take a low light shot into a police station which one would you wish you had. I would say the M8, hands down. 

  8. Less distortion on htc one m8. I like the gs5 but htc one wins That’s it. The gs5 handles the highs and lows not a well as the htc one m8

  9. S5: Sharper video quality, slightly better dynamic range
    One M8: Colours less overblown, clearer audio 


  10. S5 LOSES. Cause once the bass comes in there’s major distortion. For very loud concerts you have to have the HTC. I’m an s4 owner so I’m not biased. Just truth.

  11. Isn’t the HTC One supposed to be so great in low light? I can hardly tell much of a difference in quality.

  12. it’s not about the video quality it’s about audio quality stupid,in rock or metal consert the sound of drums have so basse,audio quality is more important

  13. I have an HTC m8. I do not get this. It won’t record at a concert at all. The audio is like its too loud and muffled, the video is a blur of weak color. Same with pics. Pathetic. Is there an app or something I’m missing?

  14. I own the S5 for couple of weeks now, honestly low light performance of S5 still and video not that great at all compare it to M8. M8 looks way better than S5 in this video S5 blur the scene at low light unlike M8.

  15. Best audio in HTC ONE M8 but i’m suprised that Samsung improve their quality audio recording in video. That’s a good way

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