5 Sick Music Video Editing Effects (Scribble / Flicker How to) (Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Tutorial)

5 Sick Music Video Editing Effects (Scribble / Flicker How to) (Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Tutorial)

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In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial, I will demonstrate how to create 5 music video effects for your next editing project. These effects include:

1. Strobe / Flicker Effects and Transitions:

2. Film Leader / Reel Overlay:

3. Time Echo Ghost Effect:

4. Cinematic Color Grading Options:

5. Animated Scribble Effect:

Check the links next to each effect for a full separate video I’ve done more thoroughly on the topic!

Link to film leader stock: https://youtu.be/p7J_e7wgC_M

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  1. that color grading on top of the adjusment layer is gonna be so damn helpfull Thank You man and if you can do masking effects and masking tutorials or if already did just link it to me

  2. Hi Justin, love your channel. Would you know if there is a DYMO tape (embossed punched tape) text effect tutorial out there. I’m looking for something that has been inspired by The Prodigy music video Light up the Sky. If you could point me in the right direction or break down The Prodigy video for a future tutorial 😋 I would be most appreciative. I can use after effects and/or premier pro. My project is a back wall video for a show and I would like to include this effect on one of the tracks.

  3. What camera do you use? I have a Nikon DSLR and I can never seem to get a clear picture like this. Its always gotta have a little fuzz. Not sure if its the camera or lense. I’ve tried exporting in different ways too D;

  4. Hey man, two things!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was the first video that I clicked on after searching "Cool music video effects" because I’ve been working on my first music video and it was seeming really boring but now it’s coming together beyond my expectations and what I’ll accept as well made. Happy I came across such a dialed video first try and didn’t waste 13 minutes of my life elsewhere haha.


    2. How did you have all the different colors up on the work area during the scribble effect? I’m doing a lot of rainbow colored scribbles in single frames and constantly having to manually select each different color is slowing my workflow down almost to the point of frustration.

  5. None of these type of effects are working. I’m doing step by step exactly what the videos say and my playback before and after render just shows the clip playing like before. wtf

  6. Greatttt video, so glad I found this (y) But with the strobe effect, how did you get the camera clip to be partially transparent on top of the first clip whilst strobing?

  7. Hey! I’ve noticed that when you’re cropping your clips, they snap into place with ones that are above or below it. Mine won’t do the same thing, it won’t lock briefly into position. Unfortunately, it’s really useful for when I edit clips and overlay things and it makes my job a lot harder when it’s not working.
    This has happened to me before, and all I needed to do was restart Premiere, but now it’s not working. Is there a setting I should turn on for when this happens? Thanks!

  8. I really wish I could follow your instructions but I’ve never used this program before and the entire format of After Effects is so tightly compact onscreen. I feel soo overwhelmed and confused because the amount of options to explore will distract me from trying to focus on understanding just one feature at a time. Tbh it’s like learning a new language…
    It would help so much if you could zoom in on the skill you select to teach about. That would really be helpful to eliminate distractions to help me focus on that one task area. It’s quite hard to follow a tiny arrow (your mouse) for over 10 minutes. Maybe I’m just noob as fuck. Please consider my suggestion. Thanks <3

  9. Omfg why do I use vegas it’s so much easier to do this scribble effects in after effects. In Sony vegas you have to open paint and save a picture for every frame lmao.

  10. thanks bro for this tutorial!! its very helpful for those who just start learning to use video edittor such as priemere pro!! hope to see more great tutorial video. SUBSCRIBED and TURN ON the notification 🙂

  11. by the scribble effect: whern i want to dra there comes only a point and i cant draw a line what can i do?

  12. i met a friend after many years in a shopping mall, i recorded via iphone from about 3 meters away, however the video is shaky and when it moves, the face is very hard to recognize. i want to show this video to my bro, but i have to fixed it if its possible. i would really appreciate if theres a way to fix it. i tried sharpening, changed brightness etc, and tries stabilizer.

    appreciate alot, tnx in advance

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