Android Video Editing: KineMaster Tutorial on Android

Android Video Editing: KineMaster Tutorial on Android

Android Video Editing: KineMaster Pro Video Editor is a great app for creating videos on-the-go. With the right process it’s easy to get awesome results. This KineMaster Tutorial show’s exactly how to do it!

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— Android Video Editing: KineMaster Tutorial on Android —

Editing apps on Android smartphones and tablets have REALLY come a long way, and you can now get some great results right on your phone or tablet device.

We’ve tested a TON of apps, ranging from the simplest template-based apps that automatically generate videos from your footage, to full-blown editing solutions with timeline and multi-track support… After trying out so many options, we released a video running through the two apps we’d recommend to anyone looking to edit on Android (check it out here:

One of those recommendations was KineMaster for Android. It’s an awesome app for creating great content right on your Android phone or tablet – and in this video we run you through a KineMaster Tutorial showing exactly how to use it!

This is not a full featured review and will not cover how to use every tool or feature in the KineMaster app. We’ll be running through a full edit process end-to-end, covering everything you need to know to get you editing fast, and with great results, using your Android device.

NOTE: We’ll be following the Primal Video Method, the most efficient editing process to eliminate any rework or wasted time. We did a video on this a while back (here: If you haven’t seen it yet, you can also download the PDF guide to help you with your videos:

— If you’re looking to take your Android video creation to the next level, you need to check out our COMPLETE Guide to Filming Professional Videos with Android: —

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  1. Hey Justin. I just got an email about this video as I am new to your channel. However, the email stated new editing software on Android, but this video is over 2 years old. I’m assuming there are much newer apps to look at since then?

  2. Hi Justin! Thank you for your video! 😉 I can’t tell you how it’s changing my life as a new online business person, photographer and now videographer. I really appreciate what you are doing, and willing to share your hard work and experience to help the small business person to change their future! THANK YOU! I appreciate the value you are putting into people’s lives – it’s making a difference in ways hard to measure. My goal is to start with doing videos for the products we offer in our newly launched e-commerce. If you’re ever in the market for TEAS, please consider shopping with us. The site is still under construction, but we are at least launched and functioning and working hard to improve our living. THANK YOU!!!! 😉 You are AWESOME and very INSPIRATIONAL in what you’re doing! I hope to achieve some great things with the education I gain from giving people like you! Now I just have to figure out all the SEO stuff that has me stumped for driving more traffic to our site. People just don’t know about us yet. God Bless!

  3. Thanks for this one, very helpful video!!! Is it possible to apply blending modes to video layers like in photoshop? If yes, how can you do that in Kinemaster?

  4. Just now I subscribe u n by the way what kind of software is the best to make a good video or movie 3D?

  5. Hey Justin, I’m looking to start my YouTube channel and I’ve been practicing with KineMaster thanks to you. Something that I’ve noticed is that once I’m done editing and I export my video as well as save to phone if I delete the original video from my phone the content from the edited video erases as well so I had to start from scratch. The question I have is once I upload to YouTube can I delete the video then or do I have to keep it?

  6. any youtuber starting out that wants to support each other? Just comment done and i’ll subscribe back.

  7. Thanks so much for this Tut, looked at a few but this was the first one that enabled me to get my sound sorted for my vid:)

  8. hey, it has synchronization problem, it is making collage perfect but when I uploaded it on Facebook there I got a sync problem, although my local video is perfect why is so?

  9. Just starting and trying to learn video editing basics and picked up Kinemaster. Your tutorial was a great help and well put together. Thank you.

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