My New Video Editing Computer – iMac 5k Review

My New Video Editing Computer – iMac 5k Review

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Apple 5k iMac:

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This is a review of the iMac 5k. This is also a review of my new video editing computer, the iMac 5k. This review covers the iMac 5k as a video editing computer, specifically highlighting its strengths as my new video editing computer.

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  1. Would this iMac be good for highschool/college students who will use it for homework,projects powerpoints(not heavy usage yet for this semester ), and do a few editing on videos and pictures??

  2. Oh my gawddddd I want. Yes right choice! You have a MacBook Pro- old yes but this is so rad! I have a 2013 MacBook Pro but am going to get an iMac now! Looks so amazing!

  3. What a great, realistic review. I have been one of those scouring forums and youtube for iMac vs MBP reviews. Decided to go iMac and now there are nothing but videos of fully specd out iMacs, which is beyond my price point. Well done video. Have you aways purchased refurbished? what are the pros and cons to doing so? Thank you.


  4. I picked up the top model the beginning of the year of this same computer . Its a really solid machine . I got the 2 TB fusion drive, the top config i5 3.3ghz and I got the full 32 GB ram from amazon in 2 16 GB kits. and the 2 GB R9395 amd video card. If you need to, you can upgrade to 64 GB RAM, it’s just not officially supported by apple .

    Great video have a great day!

  5. Hey JSL Review thanks for posting this video,. I want a buy an iMac 5k aswell, currently I also using macbook pro early 2011 model same as yours lol so it’s upgrading time.

    I visited apple reseller this afternoon and found out that they don’t have core i7 kabylake only i5 available and if I order a custom i7 it will take 8 weeks at least for me to get the imac 5k.
    (I’m not living in US)

    so, I have to choose the core i5 radeon 580 if I want it now, do you think the i5 powerful enough for video editing especially 4K video, the software I would be using is between davinci resolve or final cut pro X.

    I’d appreciate your opinion on this because I need new computer for editing my Home decor videos projects, help.. lol,… thank you

  6. hey bud! great video, you sold me on a mac but i really wanted to know where you got that digital clock to the left of the mac youre displaying in the video

  7. Why one piece iMac 4k or iMac Pro 5k can not increase more refresh rate than *60 Hz?* I think the *heat issue* for computer screens with higher resolution and higher refresh rate. 😎 I bought Samsung 3D HDTV *120 Hz* in 2010 for *watching slow & fast motion picture & games is very smooth.* HDTV or 4k TV with higher refresh rate up to 240 Hz is ok because it does not consume more power for heavy computing like pro computers do. Some smart phones have very high 960 fps video for super smooth slow motion.

  8. If you were going to purchase the 2017 model today and do moderate video editing, would you be ok with the base 3.4 ghz model?

  9. iMac and MacBook Pro are equally as amazing in my opinion.

    I’d love both.

    I think I’d actually prefer an iMac due to its bigger screen and higher resolution.

    MacBook Pro’s are very portable though which is good.

    I’d say this is a draw in my opinion.

  10. Is "Final Cut Pro" on the iMac from the start? Like is it free, or is it another thing you have to buy?

  11. I went to the apple store just to look around and after seeing the imac 5k I bought it on the spot. My other PC monitors look like absolute crap next to it. I can’t get enough of the imac. I use it everyday all day for work. Loving it.

  12. You should have waited haha, the new 2017 models were right around the corner. Still, great video! Subbed!

  13. >Gets 5K iMac
    >Apple releases new iMacs with more powerful GPUs for entry models a month later
    *Press F to pay respects*

  14. This Imac design was beautiful in 2010 not anymore, There are no AIO for competition  but the thick bezel and big chin in the bottom is looking like an long outdated design.

  15. My 2011 iMac just died so I’m getting the new 27" iMac. I’m back and forth on getting the 512GB SSD at $300 over the stock 1TB fusion. Have you been happy with the fusion?

  16. Where did you get that desk and how does the portable SSD hard drive actually work? Can I get more info with the drive? Thanks man !!

  17. $1299! Dude that was an absolutely amazing deal that you got. The new imac’s may be out now but they are very expensive and for the price that you got yours I’d say it was still worth it. Fantastic video as always, and looking forward to even better content from your channel now that you have this beast for editing 😀

  18. Ya ! I am not an eagle 🦅. I am a human . I will never use buy or use anything over 4k. Poser!!!

  19. Very well presented. I also liked how the video was produced and edited together. Keep up the good work.

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