Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial | Editing Audio | InfiniteSkills

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial | Editing Audio | InfiniteSkills

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More videos from the full Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 course can be seen here: This video is just a short extract from our full Adobe Premiere CS6 tutorial. Jeff Sengstack shows how you can editing audio directly inside of Premiere CS6 YouTube:


  1. thanks for wasting my time. you dont teach any controls and go off tangent talking about how stock footage does not come with audio. like it matters? im trying to add sound buddy.

  2. This is the worst tutorial i have ever heard. You barely explained anything without rambling on about stock videos with shit sound, or who the singer is in the clip, no one cares., and didnt even explain the controls. Thanks for wasting my time dude….. I suggest changing the name of the video

  3. Yes, but that’s because you are searching for it on YouTube; this video is part of a larger course on video editing where it makes more sense. Thanks for watching!

  4. Are you Jeff Sengstat?

    Is there a way to raise audio in premiere pro and still have the same dvd authoring?

  5. Everything before 2:59 isn’t necessary – people don’t need to be told how important sound is when the video is about sound editing. Thanks though, good job.

  6. how ab out changing the title of this video to Adobe Premiere audio features not audio editing.  What a waste of my time.

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