1. @muiroford1 Yes – it’s a known bug with the latest version : we posted a fix at linuceum .com / HintsTips /qikKDEnlive.php #topic11

  2. @Marianna Tarantino Sorry about that. I believe I’m just using the normal cut’n’paste shortcuts: CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+P to paste. If you select a clip in the timeline, you can also use the Delete key to remove it, so I might just have done that. Apologies for not explaining that on the video

  3. how do you get ride of the little clip that you cutted at th beginning? you don’t say 🙁 it’s not clear,you just say cut and it desappear…but you dont say how actually doing it.

  4. @Marianna Tarantino Just took another look at the video and it looks like I just selected it then hit the "Delete" key on the keyboard

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