Sony CX405 vs iPod Touch 4G Video and Sound Quality Test

Sony CX405 vs iPod Touch 4G Video and Sound Quality Test

This video will be comparing the video quality and sound quality of the Sony CX405 Camcorder and the Apple iPod Touch. I test the two cameras at the same time in different environments.

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  1. I cant wait to buy the Sony CX 405. Sadly, I do not have the money yet, but I will in a week. I hope to have it before i go out to watch trains

  2. Thanks for the video. Does the quality drop when you import it to your laptop/desktop? I’m just wondering cause mine seems to; maybe it’s the fact that its mp4?

  3. Watching this I realise that the sound quality from the microphone of the CX405 is better without the wind reduction option on.

  4. That was a great comparison. Very well done! I often use an ipod touch or an iphone to record video and was looking for something with image stabilization and better low light performance. I saw your video today and I ordered a Sony cx405.

  5. Very helpful! One question though: does the microphone do a good job at recording someone in front of the camera (if filming a sketch or scene). I am doing a low budget short film and want to buy this camera…

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