1. I sold one of my Drone a (P3S), how do DJI is going know that Drone doesn’t belong to me anymore? is it when the person enter his e-mail on the DJI Go App? Do you know how?

  2. That was very good and very interesting. I would love to do stuff like this but I don’t have the right voice for it, but I do have the right face for it as you don’t see it haha. I love the area you are in and the scenery. I live in the UK in a city and it is literally all buildings and a few parks. I have the dreaded ‘No drones here’ scenario and I have just been told off where I have my caravan and there is a wake park there for water skiing which I used to film people skiing across the lake. but then was told that (one) woman complained about the drone as here children were out playing??? it is private land so had to abide by it. So I was stopped before I started so to speak. So anyway. Another great tutorial and one I might get to try myself if I get some confidence.

  3. Thank you for this. All comes together now. Truly appreciate the effort and detail to show us what’s under the hood. Can’t agree more regarding Vegas Movie. I switched over a couple years ago.

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