Best Free 4K Video Editing Software 2018-2019 | FREE Ultra HD Video Editors

Best Free 4K Video Editing Software 2018-2019 | FREE Ultra HD Video Editors

The top 4 best free 4K video editing software. Links & downloads in description 🔻🔻🔻
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A list of the top 4 best free video editing software with 4K support for 2018-2019.

Edit ultra high definition videos with these free editors!


Top 4 Best Free 4K Video Editing Software (2018)


Best FREE Video Editing Software (2017-2018):

Best Free Screen Recorder 2017:

DaVinci Resolve Basic Tutorial:

Blender Video Editing Tutorial:


1. DaVinci Resolve 12.5 01:20

2. OpenShot 03:49

3. Blender 05:47

4. Kdenlive 07:24


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  1. I just tried Openshot to edit 4k video shot on a Galaxy S8 and it wouldn’t work. The preview video just freezes up and the program just crashes. My laptop has i7 processor, 8gb ram, 1050ti gpu, so it’s not the laptop.

  2. can you do one that shows editors for 32 bit computers. I am limited to barely anything because I have 32 bit but I also need one were we can layer videos over each other so I can add facecom

  3. 1 or 2 elements of Blender may need to be set up manually, but for the most part it is already set up via preset. Top left of the screen, to the right of File, Render, and so on is where all the presets are.

    Click on the dark button with arrows on it and select Video Editing.
    Set up your most used video format, that includes: Bitrate, container, codec, resolution…
    Click file, then Save Startup File. The name should be self-explanatory; but it will save the exact way the screen, preset, and settings are for when you open the program again.

  4. Hey Mostly Tech, can you find a editing software for 32-bit operation system PC? I really need one for my video.If u did a video on it just link it to me. 😀

  5. Hey Mostly Tech I have a few question if you don’t mind. I am strongly considering the DaVinci Resolve 12.5 are there any draw backs with it like "watermark(s)" or trial period etc? And from reading some of the comments I see you are still using 8.1 just curious as to why you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10? Which would be your next choice of video editors that is good for beginners that is free (no watermarks or trial)? Thank you in advance K3M

  6. kdenlive is NOT a test version!! its been available for Linux for years! Please if you mean test version for Windows then say so, not everyone uses Windows.
    Burn Ubuntu Mate onto a USB stick and in the software boutique on the latest version of Ubuntu Mate, (to be released around the 13th of April as are all the Ubuntu 17.04 official flavours) find and install Kdenlive. Hopefully far less buggy and if your using a USB3 stick with say 32gb or more it should be fine.

  7. There was literally zero effort put into this list. How do you not consider free versions of Hitfilm and Lightworks but count Blender as an NLE?!

  8. To begin with (and actually, to end up with) Ultra HD is _not_ equal to 4K.
    Yes, it is "almost" 4K but 4K it is not.
    Being "almost pregnant" for 9 months will not result in childbirth.
    That’s all I needed to know about Da Vinci free version.

  9. For some reason when I use da Vinci resolve, it takes 20+ hours to upload a. 9 minute video, is there any way to share trends this?

  10. Hey mostly tech if I had these specs:
    1. Palit GTX 750
    2. 1150 Core i3
    3. 8 GB RAM
    Which is better to use, 1080 or 720p resolution and can u show me he best rendering settings for this.

  11. Great video, thank you for sharing, Mostly Tech. I have sent an email about video editor to your gmail, would you please check?

  12. Great info and tutorial video, thank you. I wanted to say that the background audio (very faint and hard to distinguish) had a tapping sound that caused me to actually pause and check around the room for something making it. I do have higher end sound in my setup, but t was pretty distracting and thought you might like the feedback. I really enjoyed the content and well done!

  13. trying to edit my 4k 30 fps off my google xl phone and it wont line up audio with video fast enough?

  14. I have a fully loaded Mac LCii with 8mb of ram and a 120mb external HD. I love the design of this setup but am having some trouble finding good software to edit 4k video. I can settle for 1080p if that would make things easier. Suggestions? Also, any work around for the floppy problem would be appreciated. I’m going through cases of them just to process one short clip.

  15. Can you make a video , Listing all the Video Convertor (free) programs to Avoid…that have virus etc ….thanks for all your great work. cheers
    One in particular is Videotovideo Convertor (

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