Basic Multi Camera Syncing and Editing in Premiere Pro CC

Basic Multi Camera Syncing and Editing in Premiere Pro CC

Shooting with multiple cameras is a little more involved but can give your film or video a much more interesting look and feel. In this episode we cover the basics of syncing and editing/cutting multiple camera and sound clips to make a multi-camera sequence in Premiere Pro CC.

This episode shot with the following:


Limo Studio 650 Watt Fresnel (blue gelled to match daylight)


Fotodiox 508A LED Light (used as a kicker to camera left, behind talent)


Westcott Photo Basics 5-in-1 Reflector (Fill)


Gray Card–Lastolite EZ Balance


Panasonic GH4 (Close shot camera):


Olympus 45mm f/1.8 micro 4/3 Lens


Atomos Ninja II HD Recorder


Nikon D600 (Wide Shot Camera):


Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AF-D Lens (Wide cam lens):


RODE NT1A Condenser Microphone (Cardioid, also used for voice over)


Audio Technica AT4053b Hyper Cardioid Condenser Microphone


Tascam DR-60D Audio Recorder


Music copyright Curtis Judd 2011

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  1. You just made me a subscriber… I am a Photographer and this is all new to me but you made two camera shooting so easy.. Thanks

  2. Another phenomenal video. Everytime I think to myself "OK and what if I want to do this " you go ahead and answer that question right away. Im switching over to premiere from final cut and I have a question. What if, after you make the multicam clip, you want to then go into each video track and make adjustments such as color grading, adding effects, etc…Can I add tracks to a multicam clip after its already been made and put into the time line? Thanks again!

  3. If you have a very slow timing drift between the two cameras, or the cameras and the sound, is ti possible to – say – put claps at the beginning and end so that not only initial timing, but also duration can be synced? Otherwise how would you cope with timing slip?

  4. Here’s  tough one.
    Any idea of how to change the SOURCE SEQUENCE for a multicam sequence after all edits are done? A bit hard to explain:  
    – I successfully edited all of my clips using normal multicam workflow.
    – Unfortunately, the original layered source sequence with the original cameras clips seems to have errored.
    – The result: I can no longer edit it or even export the final multicam edit with out PP crashing.
    I can copy the source sequence and make edits no problem, so obviously something went wrong with the original source sequence. I have many, many edits, so it not easy to restart and remake all of the edits from the source sequence copy. I would just like to "point" the sequence of camera edits at the source sequence of cameras that does not error. Any ideas?

  5. Hello..sir i musing premiere pro cc 2017 and i want to us multicamera sequence in my vedios bt when ever do that it gives me error like "audo synchronize failed" plzz help me sir i m really frustrated about thiss

  6. Thanks so much, very easy to follow and has saved me so much time, thanks again the video is much appreciated

  7. in this tutorial were the cameras exactly the same. If yes why do they have to be. Do they need to shoot in the same format?

  8. The multi camera sync doesn’t work for my clips. It ends up totally de-synced. I was able to manual sync the clips on the timeline and want to see the multicam window for playback but can’t figure out how to get it to work…

  9. This has been wonderful. I was editing the hard way for multi cam. What happens if you have 3 different audio tracks though from 3 different mics?

  10. I am learning Premier Pro CC basics, and this video right here is super helpful, can’t wait to try this out! 😃
    Subscribed, liked and shared! Thanks!

  11. Awesome tutorial. Is there a way to cut the audio along with the video? While in the multicam edit its only cutting the video file but leaving the audio file solid

  12. Can you make a multi-camera editing video using hundreds of clips for each timeline, Thanks for this video,
    question I use DSLR cameras so I may have 50 clips for each camera how do I match all 50 Clips at the same time all example on YouTube only show Single clips

  13. You basically just taught me how to use Premier, shoot, and record the best audio. I just posted a video of my first shoot + edit ever! Thank you so much for all your knowledge. You’re an amazing teacher!

  14. How about just syncing two audio/video clips to each other ?

    I want to superimpose my face camera clip on top of my desktop recording software clip but I want to sync them together using the audio from each.

  15. which one would you recommend for editing videos?? there is one for $10 a month.. another one for $20 a month etc.. i just wanna create the video.. thanks again ..

  16. Hi Curtis, how to switch back from the multicam timeline to the "normal" multitrack one ?And being able to switch again to the multicam mode keeping our camera selection ?

  17. Ok so I know this video is old but I love it, I do have one question though. So I added my two camera clips and my audio but it won’t let me select the multicamera button. I have the first video on V1 then the second on V2 then the audio on A1. When I hit Shift + 0 it brings up multicam but now I have the view of the first cam with a small box for the second video duplicated. Ok to make it more simple before I did multicam it was just one video with a small box containing the second video. So when I hit multicam it duplicated that so know there is two of each thing.

  18. How do you sync when recording with a Dslr and a camcorder and the dslr cuts your video in 2 but the camcorder is one big clip?

  19. My boss said he’d let me be an assistant editor if I learned " sync maps, groups, and Multicam" editing. I think I figured out groups and Multicam but I have no idea what "sync maps" mean? I’m assuming it’s just syncing audio.

  20. I just want to ask if i have many clips from 2 Sony cameras and i want them
    to be arrange by recording time taken inside my bin, how i can do that?

  21. Curtis, amazing job, I’ve been a subscriber for a while now and love your channel.

    A couple of questions though:

    1) What if Im working with different cameras, set to different resolutions? Such as 1080 and 4k.

    2) What if all my cameras are not recording all at the same time, say, on a 1 hour interview I may set up a camera for the last 15 minutes, or so.

    3) How can I color grade my clips separately, and/or apply effects and different transitions to them?

    Really thankful for your help and looking forward to your reply!

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