Angelcare AC1300 Baby Monitor Review-Video, Sound, And Movement Monitor

Angelcare AC1300 Baby Monitor Review-Video, Sound, And Movement Monitor

This is a review of the Angelcare AC1300 Baby Monitor! This is a video, sound, and movement monitor that allows you to truly watch over your baby! I really like using this because it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. If you hear your baby making a sound, you can use the video monitor to see whether they are simply having a dream or are waking up and ready to feed! My wife and I haven’t hooked up the movement monitor yet, but we’ve seen it being used and it’s absolutely amazing! This is modern technology at it’s finest, and I’m glad that we bought it for our newborn!

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  1. The battery in the parent unit started to die on mine after 6 months of use. After one year it’s impossible to use the battery in the parent unit. They charge $17.50 for a $3 battery and in my opinion it should be a return job, i’m waiting for a reply.

  2. I as well do not need to use the sensor pad at this time. However. My unit will not stay in the sensor pad " off mode " . As soon as I deactivate the sensor pad and go back to video mode. The no movement alarm sounds. Then when I go back to the menu. The sensor pad function is " on " . I have no idea why this is happening but it is very frustrating. Any ideas ?

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