My 4K Video Editing Laptop

My 4K Video Editing Laptop

Filmmaking workshop:
You can get similar laptops on Amazon: and Amazon UK
The exact model I purchased is MSI GE72 2QF-247US Apache Pro Laptop 17.3-Inch, which you can buy on Amazon Canada
I highly recommend getting a cooling pad:
Upgrade the hardrive to a SSD:

The exact specs of my new laptop are as follows:
MSI GE72 2QF-247US Apache Pro
Intel Core i7-5700HQ @ 2.70GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M, 3GB GDDR5
12 GB of RAM (DDR3)
1TB hard drive (7200 RPM)
17.3” HD screen
Windows 10

Here are a few options on Amazon USA and Amazon UK that are a bit better – they all have 16GB RAM (as opposed to 12GB); they have the same GPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M (I strongly recommend you don’t get anything less; and GTX980M is still very expensive); the CPU is the same (i7-5700HQ) or one generation newer (i7-6700HQ; this one is actually a bit less powerful than the 5th gen. CPU – but it is more energy-efficient; uses less battery); and some of the models have a SSD, in addition to a HDD.

On Amazon USA:

on Amazon UK:

For more info on my projects visit my website:

I have upgraded my laptop. This new one is from MSI just like my previous laptop.

Here are all the dates and cities of the tour:
•February 22-23 Phoenix, AZ
•February 24-25 Albuquerque, NM
•February 29-March 1st Dallas, TX
•March 2-3 Austin, TX
•March 4-5 Houston, TX
•March 7-8 New Orleans, LA
•March 10-11 Miami, FL
•March 15-15 Atlanta, GA
•March 17-18 St. Louis, MO
•March 21-22 Cincinnati, OH
•March 24-25 Philadelphia, PA
•March 28-29 Washington, DC
•March 30-31 New York City
•April 4-5 Boston, MA
•April 7-8 Montreal, QC
•April 9-10 Toronto, ON
•April 12-13 Chicago, IL
•April 14-15 Minneapolis, MN
•April, 18-19 Las Vegas, NV
•April 24-25 Vancouver, BC
•April 26-27 Portland, OR
•April 30-May 1st San Francisco, CA
•May 3-4 Orange County, CA
•May 5-6 Los Angeles, CA
•May 10-11 London, England
•May 13-14 Madrid, Spain
•May 16-17 Berlin, Germany
•May 19-20 Krakow, Poland

Remember, in filmmaking there’s no problems, just a lack of solutions!

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My name’s Tom Antos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over 15 years experience in VFX & animation.
Jak sie masz?! Jestem z Polski 😉
Check out my channel here:


  1. Can an Asus ux301ub edit 1080p videos well?…I heard that it is preferable to have a laptop that has a quad core and a high graphics card,but the ux301ub has dual core and a relatively low graphics card(the 940m)…so can it edit them smoothly and how about the 4k videos(the laptop is 3200×1800)?…I am planning to screen record videos from the laptop itslef and then cut and edit them then uploading to YouTube

  2. I was really happy to see you using the msi, I have the gt60 with a 4gig video card the Nvidia 680m and 20 ram also an ssd , I sold my mac book pro, it was making my life a living hell not being able to edit 4K and the rendering was horrible big files with fcpx so premier pro does the job now

  3. I am glad that I stopped by one more time to see this laptop. It allowed me to look around a bit more and to find the take from Antos on the Oscars.
    Now I don’t have to plan to attend the 2 day workshop. I guess if you want to play in politics and political correctness, not in just art, I guess you don’t need my money.

  4. I know the feeling travelling a lot. Good points with keeping laptops as cool as possible and use of SSD flash memory. Great editing tips.

  5. I got a simar one but lower specs e.g 960 instead of 970 gpu. It is essential to have an extra screen, or while traveling I would reccommend to watch footage on a tablet or even phone before encoding. I decided the laptop screen isnt good enough so will wait to edt and just use a Macbok Air to move footage to hard drives when travelling. The MSI breezes through 100 bit 4K.

  6. I watched a comparison between the MacBook Pro & a gaming laptop with this GPU. It took the PC 5x as long to render! Macs are horrible, but if they’ll save me hours a week in rendering… I might consider one. What do you think?

  7. I’m kind of confused about the links, the amazon description says they are laptops that display 1920×1080 instead of 4K.

  8. Tom, I do YouTube videos and very light editing, but would like to make my videos more visually interesting and render in a reasonable amount of time. I purchased both the ASUS Q524UA 6th gen i7, 12GB, 2 TB 5400 HDD & 2 GB nvidia 940 MX for $680 and the ASUS Q534UX 7th gen i7, 16GB, 4k UHD, 2 TB 5400 HDD, 512 GB SSD & 2 GB nvidia GTX 950m for $1024. Which should I keep?

  9. Hi Tom! Thanks for the video.

    What do you think of the GS60 6QE? I mainly focus on cinematography and VFX/Animation. Any other recommendations for the price range of $2300 CAD before tax?

  10. Tom Antos, or anyone else: If the graphics card is not on the Adobe "Recommended list" of cards, aren’t you taking a risk for not getting the GPU-accelerated performance (CUDA)? I’m asking as I’m looking into a new laptop. Thanks!

  11. very thin!!!!…hahahahahahahaha

    have you ever seen a macbook pro ;D

    Hater Comment: Oh my god you’re such an apple fanboy…kill yourself!!!! Pc for LIFE!!!

  12. Question: you said leave effects and color correction for the end, how do you do that? Export the whole video then apply fx and color correction or do it the same manual way (clip by) and is there a way to apply color correction to all clips In a same video track in premiere?

  13. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for teaching the world, after seeing this video I purchased an MSI GS60 laptop, Intel I7 core and Nvidia Graphic GTX970 ( 6gb ram) however I’m not able to grade 4K raw smoothly. There is something I can do to make sure resolve is actually using full power of the graphic card? Thanks

  14. Grt laptop. Everytime u say Tom Antos.. i hear Tomatoes. Grt video mate 🙂

  15. Hi. I am new to video editing and would appreciate your advice, how to best use a "fast" external SSD (I have a Samsung t3 that should reach 500mbs), my question is, should I use it as scratch disk or to hold the video to edit?

  16. Thank you for the recommendation I currently have a Asus gaming laptop but looking for another 15" for travelling.

  17. Hi Tom!, I´m looking forward for this Pc for long hours of video editing, motion graphics, and a little 3D. I travel a lot, and I need a Laptop.
    The thing is this pc doesn´t have an easy option to remove the battery, and I worry about her life by using this machine as a desktop pc.
    Also, I know about the upgrade with M2 SSD, but at the moment I only have a 512GB SSD Samsung Evo, and I use external drives for big data. This pc comes with HDD Sata, so would I be able to replace this with my SSD normal disk?
    Thanks, and great videos!

  18. +Tom Antos I’ve been watching your vids for a while now and recently subbed. I wanna get into editing after having played around with a trial version of Power Director, is PD a solid editing tool or will I wanna switch to another program down the line….I haven’t used FCP x but I was leaning more towards a Mac setup because I also produce music and really wanted a machine capable of a multiplatform configuration. Thanx in advance!

  19. tom antos….
    how well does this laptop does with Affect Effect?
    plz Give me a brief summary about the colour accuracy of the screen.
    thanks Tom.

  20. Tom, if possible it would be great if you could arrange to review the latest Asus Zen Book Pro UX550VE specifically in terms of its 4K editing performance. It sounds like quite a beast of a machine and the the best "Bang for the Buck" for a video editing laptop, but would sure like the opinion of an experienced video editor before I make a purchase. Thanks! – Gregg

  21. Can you put a direct link or specify exactly what your new lap top is, I tried using the link and your verbal description but was unable to locate it.Thanks as always.

  22. Hello, Tom. Thanks for sharing your setup. I’m wodering wich codec is your footage? Is it XVAC-I? XVAC-S? other? I’m having issues with my XVAC-L and I assume it’s the codec… I’ve already knew it when I’ve bought mysony FS5. My work is mostly on desktop… but, I’m travelling a lot and I can’t find a good workflow for notebook editing. Can you tell us more about your gear? What is your camcorder and, do you have any suggestion for me about enconding my XVAC-L files into other codec for editing? Thanks a lot man! Have a nice trip!

  23. if I get an alienware with the gtx980m will video editing be fast if I use the HDD as opposed to the included pcie ssd? I know the pcie is faster but just wondering how well the HDD will handle editing.

    the other specs are i7 6820 skylake , 16gb RAM

  24. What’s your input on MacBooks? As far as editing 4K for shorts or features I transcode to 1080p proxy then once in picture lock I replace back to 4K with an edl. Would waiting for the new 2016 MacBook be better or?

    Tell me your thoughts! Thanks!

  25. Hmm co do color correction i special effects to super porada. Czy możesz zrobić color correction tutorial dla noobs takich jak ja?

  26. i’m looking for video editing laptop (adobe premiere pro + a7s ii).
    – my last one: mbp retina 15" i7 16gb ram + ssd (mid 2014).
    – what are your recommendations?

  27. Hi Tom, thanks for talking about what to avoid when editing! Everything you mentioned NOT to do, I was doing, and wondering why my computer was so slow! Your advice will help me a great deal. Thanks again!! 😀

  28. haha ‘jak się masz’ w opisie mnie rozwaliło 🙂 chociaż nie bardziej niż Kraków, więc możliwe, że do zobaczenia!

  29. @Tom. Nice to see that you can do so much on a laptop. In the video however, you say the graphicscard is doing most of the work. Where did you get that information? Because as far as I know, Your CPU and Ram are more important than you GPU.

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