18 – Blender Video Editing (Intro to Keyframes, Graph Editor, Dope Sheet, Audio Fade)

18 – Blender Video Editing (Intro to Keyframes, Graph Editor, Dope Sheet, Audio Fade)

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Learn to Video Edit with Blender
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Video Description

I introduce you to keyframes by demonstrating how to do an audio fade out. In the process, I show you how to configure your keyframe settings using the Dope Sheet and the Graph Editor.


00:00 – previous video

00:15 – intro to today’s video

00:49 – Changing layout

2:09 – Adding Dope Sheet Editor and Graph Editor

2:32 – Zoom out all windows for better viewing.

3:00 – Intro to Keyframes

3:32 – Audio Fade example using keyframes

4:34 – I show how to do an Audio Fade

7:51 – Seeing our Keyframes in the Dope Sheet and Graph Editor

8:36 – Dope Sheet is good for changing Keyframe range

9:15 – Making changes with the Graph Editor.

10:36 – Changing how the transition works.

Credit for video being used for editing

(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / www.bigbuckbunny.org

“Big Buck Bunny” uses the following license:


  1. i did this and it worked, but i messed something up and now i can’t see the file button and there are 3 clocks

  2. Your videos are fantastic man!!!
    Thanks so much for putting all these tutorials together.
    The length and scope of each vid is perfect in my opinion… while many others are creating more daunting 20-40 minute introductory vids.
    I have a lot of Flash knowledge and some Premiere so I love just being able to dive into the topics I want and then practice what I’ve learned.
    Still a few more of your vids I need to check off my list but I had to take a sec to say Thanks so much for the really fantastic help!
    Cheers πŸ™‚

  3. Can you use key frames in the VSE strip window? I want to be able to use the graph editor and dope sheet to loop and reverse video segments.

  4. Thank you VERY much, your videos help me a lot. Your explanation is clear and direct to the point, thank you thank you

  5. didnt even have to watch the whole thing… needed like half a min about sound and keyframes. now thats some good tutorialing~

  6. This tutorial series is amazing. I don’t do video work often enough to use and remember all the info, so not only is it comprehensive, it’s also user-friendly. The way it’s been structured and broken down into separate steps is the most helpful thing. Thank you.

  7. You are truly a wonderful human being. I quickly figured out how to move around pictures from this video, and it really had me giddy and pacing around with excitement when it actually worked! Like, I’m actually doing some pretty useful and interesting with Blender now! Thank you, thank you so much.

  8. Hey Mikeycal, I’m trying to do an audio fade. I’ve done it successfully before using your method. However in this next instance, I seem to be encountering an unusual hitch that I hope I can explain.

    I insert the audio I wanted.
    I set the audio to 0.0 volume because I want to fade into it.
    I insert a keyframe at the start.
    I move to the next point where I want the volume to be at 1.0 volume.
    Attempt to change volume to 1.0
    … Attempt again.
    I said attempt.

    Every time I try to change the volume after the initial keyframe, the volume will reset to the "Default" volume. In this case that’s a volume of Zero. I don’t know how to fix this issue.

  9. I tried to read most of the comments trying to get the answer – Sorry if you have answered this already. How do you get the "scene" panel back after you finished with the dope sheet and graph editor.. I love the videos!

  10. I watched most of your videos on blender video editing and I absolutely love them. Thanks to you I will from now on be using blender for it! πŸ™‚

  11. nice tutorial however i cannot get back to the UI layout i started with. perhaps you need to show that as well. My blender is so messed up its unusable and ive had to quit using blender.

  12. I had to come back to this series to see how to change the interpolation mode. Well done, Mikey.

    I also saw something I was looking for before, in the graph editor. There’s an icon that looks a blue dot with four right angles around it — I think you can change the pivot point for transformations! Could you cover that in a tutorial?

    I had a project with transformation with scaling, offsets, AND rotations, but I couldn’t get it to rotate around that point, so I had to hack it by manually making a square image of that area so the center point was also the bounding box center point.

  13. Thanks man! If anyone else is wondering how to apply this to an image you want to move across the screen this is what I figured out through trial and error. Here’s the steps:
    1) After you’ve opened your video in blender add your image (using the Add tab below your strip).
    2) Then create a transformed strip of the image (Also found in Add Tab except select effect strip and pick transform. A new strip should appear and it will be green)
    3) Select the transformed strip and from here do all the changes you wish to do to your image such as size and overlay.
    4) Here is where the steps in the video above can be applied EXCEPT instead of using volume use IMAGE OFFSET. Y if you want to move it vertically or X if you wish to move it horizontally.
    This is just what I found out through playing with it. XD Let me know if anyone else found an easier or better way. πŸ˜›

  14. I just started using blender, and your videos are really a godsend! Thank you!!

    I got to #18 and managed to screw up the view, and I can’t get rid of the recursive UI elements! It’s maddening! Problem is I have changes in the screwed up view, which I managed to save after over an hour of messing around with the upper-right / lower-left window/menu handles. I just can’t consistently get the big watermark arrow to show up to dissolve the window. Shame there isn’t a way to reset the UI without affecting the window contents.

    Also you didn’t define what the purpose of the "dope" & "graph" editor was before you opened them.

  15. Hi Mikeycal and thank you very much for this video tutorial. I have a question for you : I was wondering if you can use dopesheet to obtain a "keyframable" speed up/slow down effect. I watched your video about changing the speed/pitch, but with speed control option the speed factor applies evenly along the segment. It would be great to have keyframes that act like a sort of "handles" that you can grab and move to adjust the speed of a segment. Thank you for your reply. Livio

  16. Hey Thanks again for these videos! My friends and I are also starting a game channel, and I needed something to use to edit . These videos have been a godsend! i also subscribed to your game channel!

  17. I’m having trouble with the audio not rendering with the finished product. Plays in Blender but after rendering, no sound. Audio scrubbing and A/V sync is on. Audio is not muted.

  18. Hi

    Do you have a tutorial that shows how to track someone elses face (image) over a moving video? Im trying to make a thank you video to say thank you to a couple of people who have helped our community project.

    Love the tutorials!!!

  19. I think I’m frustrated more with Blender’s inconsistent behaviour across panes than anything else. I’m trying to do a simple fade-down of music audio as the speaker begins the spiel. You would think this is straight-forward to do, but I’m finding it inordinately difficult, for some reason. The dope-sheet shows me nothing useful at this point. The graph-editor shows me keyframes I can’t do anything with: can’t grab them, edit them or anything. Well, until I hit Tab, anyway: that was key!

  20. All my current uploaded videos were made with blender Video Editor, all based on what you taught.

    If you had patience you could see I make one or two videos implementing each lesson, so far I haven’t combined all of them together.

    Really thankful, love opensource software =)

  21. One of the great evolutions in the 2.5+ series of Blender is the ability to keyframe practically every setting in the program. The interpolation modes may not make much sense for audio, but are more for animation effects. Such as for a video wipe you could turn off the default fade checkbox on a single wipe and then keyframe the effect fade from 0 to 1 and then change the interpolation mode to bouncing.

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