1. Just interested to know what program you are using for your screen recording – not seen that magnify effect before.

  2. My question is, when you want to use precision editor. You have one clip, say a talking head. You want to insert some b-roll and then go back to the original talking head. I can’t figure out for the life of me how to do it. The precision editor confuses me. I’m used to using layers in Final Cut, and can’t figure out how to do what would be pretty basic edits in FCP. All the videos i see are very basic. I can figure out a basic transition, but not more. please help ZiaSavesDogs at gmail dot com

  3. Hi there, Thanks for your video. I have imovie 09 and can’t figure out how to see the audio wave forms from the sound on the video. I need to cut a fraction of a second. Also want to add a photo over top of video footage but can’t figure that out either. Thanks

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