AVS Video Editor 5.1 – Editing Audio Envelopes Tutorial

AVS Video Editor 5.1 – Editing Audio Envelopes Tutorial

If you want to do other things with the audio track, pls post a question at http://forum.avs4you.com/topics.aspx?lng=ENG&f=49, NOT HERE, as I have not used this program since December 2010. .

A simple tutorial on how to edit the Audio Envelopes in AVS Video Editor. This is a consumer entry level video editor, but one that is much more capable than it first looks (and what I currently use to produce videos with). The software is updated regularly, and the documentation for it sometimes falls behind. Editing the audio envelopes is so far not officially documented.

The narration was recorded within AVS editor, and I played around with the pitch (I have a much deeper voice) using functions within the editor, just because I could.

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