Starting on YouTube: Windows Video Editing Programs

Starting on YouTube: Windows Video Editing Programs

Download Windows Live Movie Maker:

Buy Corel VideoStudio Pro X3:

In this video I go over two good video editing programs for Windows including the free option Windows Live Movie Maker as well as a good paid option Corel VideoStudio Pro X3. If you just need something simple to do a few cuts and add some music then Movie Maker will work just fine. On the other hand if you need something more in depth I recommend VideoStudio as it should be able to handle most any video editing you need unless you have a specific need for a program such as Sony Vegas or Adobe After Effects.


  1. HELP (anyone)
    hay i have an important question.
    i need help. i want to upload an animation to youtube. but when i do its blury and comes out really bad even if the original is in gd quality.
    what do i do…?

  2. I use Movie Maker. I really don’t need anything fancy, I don’t use many animations or anything like that. Plus I’m poor so I don’t want to spend a lot for something I don’t really need. The problem is the audio. I get a hiss that clicks on and off like a shotgun when I switch from a video to narration. Is that just my mic or what? Any suggestions?

  3. Thanks for help with setting up your own YouTube channel. I don’t have one yet! Working on it with your advice!!! Thanks!! Jane Tande

  4. Two questions:
    (1 Is Blender’s own integrated video editor that good?
    (2 Even though PowToons is more of an animated presentation maker, is it also considered a web video editor?

  5. When I click on the link for windows live movie maker ad click download it just brings me to an ad page and doesn’t do anything else. Please help ๐Ÿ™

  6. Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for!ย 

  7. Krimson_Clawz แดณสณแตƒแต–สฐแถฆแถœ แดฐแต‰หขแถฆแตแถฐแต‰สณ
    September 13, 2018 at 2:57 pm

    Hey guys if nothing else try Cyberlink Powerdirector 12

  8. Hey guys just one question, does the Corel Video Studio let you overlay texts and add extra text lines and video lines?

  9. can you add music to your videos and fast forward in windows live movie maker? i think i might get it. put reasons why or why not i should get it below v

  10. I wanted to upload videos of me doing gaming stuff on the internet like league of legends, whats a recommended editing soft ware for it so i can put in a intro and stuff. I don’t WANT to spend any more than 50 dollars but I can spend up to 100 max. Is there any good micro phones that would be nice and clear, i don’t really need anything fancy just one that makes my voice clear.

  11. Hey Austin I doubt you will read this but I had to try. I’ve started a youtube channel and I’m looking for a good video editing software. Windows movie maker is far to simple. Could you reccomend some options that are under $100? I can’t be spending $700 on Sony Vegas. Thanks so much! I always have liked your videos!

  12. this link does NOT GIVE ME WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER it gives me movie maker WHIH I FUCKING HATE…..the microsoft people have no clue why i cant et something that once came with my computer…..i had to uninstall it to fix smething now i canot get it back…….please fucking help i hate windows movie maker….every download link for windows LIVE movie maker just fucking gives me windows movie maker………………………………………………………….

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