SPEED UP Your Video Editing With This Workflow Trick in Premiere CC

SPEED UP Your Video Editing With This Workflow Trick in Premiere CC

LEARN ABOUT PROXIES AND HOW THEY WILL HELP YOU EDIT FASTER! | In this tutorial, we’ll lay out three different ways to use proxies to enable you to edit massive video files even on the slowest computer!

πŸ”₯ ↓ VIDEO GUIDE ↓ πŸ”₯
01:00 How Proxy Editing Works
03:19 Proxy Method #1 – standard import manual proxies
07:58 Proxy Method #2 – media browser auto-proxy creation
12:00 Proxy Method #3 – custom preset ingest method
15:50 Creating the ingest preset

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In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will talk all about Proxies in Premiere Pro. This will be a deep dive on three different ways to import and create proxies in Premiere, what proxy files are and why they’re so great, how they can make your editing process faster, as well as why and when you might want to use them. This should be the definitive video that helps you understand proxies, proxy files, and Premiere Pro in less than 30 minutes!

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  1. After my first drone flight, I excitedly dropped my 4k clips into Premiere Pro, and wasn’t prepared for motion-free performance.
    THANK you! After my camera flies around in the skies, your tutorial helps me fly around the Premiere timeline!

  2. Great tutorial!
    Does anyone have experience with this workflow(Method 3, custom preset) using MXF files? I’ve tried for hours now to get it working but I’m still having problems. My goal is to make the Proxies for faster editing, but this small file would also be perfect to share with my team. They use it to analyse the content and tell me which parts they want me to edit. First it didn’t work at all, then I found out that I need to use Quicktime not H.264. Now the export works, but you still can’t open the file in QuickTime Player, which would be very useful so that my teammates could also watch it.
    I’m not very experienced with encoding yet, would be nice if anyone could give me some ideas for possible solutions.
    And by the way, all my Software is up to date, Adobe CC 2018 and Mac OS High Sierra.
    Thank You!

  3. I shoot 4K to zoom in or do some movements in 1080 not to lose resolution. If I create the proxy at 360p, is the size just smaller, can I still do some position movements like the scenario I described. Hopefully I described it right. Help please

  4. This is a great tutorial you have saved me tons of fan noise making hours of editing. HOWEVER….exporting the files is still IMPOSSIBLE to render and get out of premiere! Whats the best way to export this sucker out now??? I must be missing something…

  5. This is extremely helpful. I’ve been struggling with slow rendering and have been fearful to switch over to proxy. This was extremely well put together and easy to understand. Thank you for this video!

  6. how does this deal with various masks, mattes and graphics? if i’ve been making masks, track mattes etc on the lower res stuff will they scale up properly when i jump back up to 4k for export?

  7. need help please, have media encoder 2015 and updated it, when opening Premiere pro 2015.4 i get a message that it is not installed, tried to delete the x19… file content in SL cache but still won”t work. any solutions? thanks

  8. If I do get those black bars when I create the proxy will it matter once I export at the full res? And how would I fix this?

  9. Awesome tips dear… Frankly speaking… I was trying to learn this method and I watch lot of videos on this but, no one explained it better than you… Now it make a sense to me….. Thanks a lot….

  10. Holy s*** dude. You just Changed my life. I’ve watched a handful of proxy tuts but this was the most easy-to-understand, for sure!

  11. When I watched this video some months ago I didnt realise how important it would end up being! Thanks for awesome content!

  12. Great video, How do I create a preset for a video that I shot at 120fps? I can only see the option up to 60fps. Thanks

  13. Why go through all this hassle when you can just click 1/4 resolution playback?

    As far as I can tell, making a proxy at a quarter the resolution yields the same performance as clicking 1/4 playback resolution.


  15. great tutorial. i just shot a super 16 film and the aspect ratio is 2048×1296 — what preset should i use to create my proxy file

  16. Hi ! If i have a bad computer and i want to editing 4k footage, if i have a lot of video in my timeline with proxies it could be smooth or not ? I tried to used proxies with one short video and it’s smooth, but i wonder if y have a lot of video if it’s gonna be smooth or not ? Thanks and if you have another idea tell me please

  17. So I’m working on my first feature right now and the project I’ve come into they have been creating proxies and ingesting them onto the raid drive on which all the editing is being done meanwhile all of the original RED footage is being stored on about 5 external hard drives. When I go to export my final will I need to reconnect all 5 hard drives at once or should I convince my director to get a larger raid drive to hold all of the original footage?

  18. pls share the workflow for working in FCPX , how can we reduce further to the proxy created by FCPX and easily relink with high res media after remote edit. also how to relink different codec media for FCPX

  19. Thank you for this great info. How can I use this proxy clip when I have synced my project with PluralEyes?

  20. So if I edit my clips thru proxy method, the quality will decrease in the timeline but its easy and faster to work as the clips are small in size right? But when exporting the quality will automatically be exported to High Resolution ? Did i understand it correctly ?

  21. πŸ”₯ ↓ VIDEO GUIDE ↓ πŸ”₯
    01:00 How Proxy Editing Works
    03:19 Proxy Method #1 – standard import manual proxies
    07:58 Proxy Method #2 – media browser auto-proxy creation
    12:00 Proxy Method #3 – custom preset ingest method
    15:50 Creating the ingest preset

  22. Tried this method several times trying to edit 4K footage, on my MacBook Pro and my I Mac, from my Mavic Air, one the files take forever to convert to Proxies and two, every time Premiere Pro on both my computers crashes.

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