24 – Blender Video Editing (Speed up & Slow Down Audio/Video | Snap Strips option)

24 – Blender Video Editing (Speed up & Slow Down Audio/Video | Snap Strips option)

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Learn to Video Edit with Blender
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Video Description

I introduce you to the “Speed Control” Effect Strip and also show you how to change the pitch of audio to make it synchronize with the video strip speed. In addition, I show you how to Snap Strips.



00:00 – Previous videos

00:12 – Intro to today’s video

00:30 – Select segment of video that you want to alter speed of…

1:28 – Change video strip speed with Speed Control

1:51 – UNCHECK “Stretch to input strip length”

2:00 – set speed factor to “1”

2:05 – Adjust “Multiply Speed”

3:14 – You have to Export the Audio segment to a WAV file

3:42 – Use PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN buttons to set green line

3:54 – Hit “S” and “E” keys while hovering over he TIMELINE

4:27 – Click “Audio” rendering button (Create WAV file)

4:57 – Move like to Beginning of Segment and replace audio strip

5:36 – Set audio strips “Pitch”

6:09 – find the last frame and use “Snap Strips” option on Handles

7:11 – Group select following strips and place at next frame

7:27 – Let’s see what fast forward effect looks like

7:39 – Let’s slow down the video now

7:51 – set audio Pitch to “0.5” and Speed control multiply to “0.5”

8:11 – We need to enlarge strips. They now take 2x as long to play

8:42 – Right click on handle of “Video Strip” only, expand

9:06 – let’s find the last moving frame and place the green line there

9:43 – make the segments video and audio strip lengths match

10:40 – let’s see the slow motion effect


  1. New question!

    I’ve been using the fast-forward function to speed up audio/video 4x in some parts of my Lets Play series. I don’t really enjoy the higher pitch of the volume, and wondered if there was a means of maintaining the audios natural levels while also speeding it up?

    The only means I can think of is to treat the exported audio to Audacity and lower the tone then bring it back into Blender. But I was hoping there was an easier method to achieve this in blender itself.

  2. Your video tutorials are extremely helpful. I’ve used Blender for 3d modeling forever, but never thought to use it for video editing until trying to find a good free video editor for Windows. Please keep updating these when new features come out!

  3. I have a little problem with the frames while im edeting. Every time I import a video and audio file from something that I recorded, there are always a huge frame drop when I press play in blender.
    (60 fps –> 12 fps) I use the Proxy/timecode method, which works fine for the videostrips so I can work with 50 % proxy size, but you can’t use this method on for example transformers which I use to shrink, rotate and move pictures that I put inn. It is frustrating and it makes it impossible to work with my videos. I end up animating parts of the video to make shure the pictures are placed correctly.
    I record games if that has annything to do with it…
    Could you maby help me with this problem?

  4. 1:53 I just did my first video with the speed modifier and went though all the pain of changing the playback speed to try to get it just long enough to be able to read something I wrote over the strip. Then I though ‘stretch to input strip length, hmm, maybe that will make it fit in the amount of frames I need.’ Basically if you want to fast forward a boring part and not have audio then if you leave this check, drag the clip smaller/larger then it is a lot less work. It would be easier if you wanted to play it in double speed to shorten the length by half. That option has it’s uses but in this instance I see why you unselected it.

  5. Mikeycal – you’ve single-handedly taught me Blender video editing. Seriously.
    Thanks so much my friend!

  6. I’ve reached a small hiccup in this. I’m actually trying to change the speed of an image that I’ve put in my video. I thought I should apply this to the transformed strip of the image, but it did not work. I thought I could apply it to the main strip of the image. That did not work. Could you give me any advice. I just want to increase the speed of the image. Thanks so much!

  7. hey fam help u each time i put a video in my time line the audio and the visual are never lined up what do i do or how do i prevent this? thanks – The Schnoz

  8. o m g why did you wait for 24 videos to mention the S and E keys to change start and end frames!? I thought I was going crazy..I could not figure out how to do that. Still trying to find out how to ‘reset’ frames to 1 with a select clip. Maybe that’s it. Maybe you covered this in an earlier video and I skipped it, haha.
    Either way, thank you for your time and sharing!

  9. Thanks for the amazing videos, they’ve really helped me.

    But I have an issue I haven’t been able to work out on my own. I’m attempting to use the transform strip as well as a speed strip. But in the video it doesn’t seem to be speeding the footage up at all. Is this because it’s interacting with a transform strip as well?

  10. You need more pop-ups over your video. I actually got to pay attention to a bit of the video at the end, after spending all that time closing the stupid pop-ups, which I didn’t read, btw.

  11. IN ableton live you do the same function in a cup of seconds..in real time.
    the time stretching audio affecting the video

  12. You’re an idiot!!!! Speed up speed and get shipmunk voice?? Are you kidding? And you say it’s perfect that way??? YOU STUPID!!! DAmn time lost here ssshhhkkkkkkk

  13. Its helpful to turn on Draw Waveform on the audio strip so that you can visually locate sounds and pauses in the audio.

  14. Awesome videos man but I have 1 question:
    How to do a nice transition between normal video speed and the slowed parts ? Something like matrix style slow motion.

  15. Excellent, just what I needed.

    On a side note, years ago I worked in a computer music facility and one of the guys wrote a thing he called a phase vocoder. It could shorten or lengthen an audio file *without* changing the pitch. Likewise, it could change the pitch of an audio file without changing the length. It was very funny to use it on an audio file of someone talking.

  16. I have a problem. I’m trying to render a video with sound, but the audio doesn’t render for some reason. Can somebody help me?

  17. Mr Meyers please help.I have watched all your vids. I downloaded a YouTube video and it is 24fps. when I add my other "movie" that one is 29.7 fps. I’m trying to make them both the same. if I change fps in render to 24, the first video (audio +video) will be perfect,the second video strips will be all over the place. I’ve been stuck on this for two days. what am I doing wrong?

  18. potty training tutorials like these make the "Mount Everest Learning Curve" of Blender more "wheel chair accessible" for retards like me. Mom i’m done …………. come wipe my bum!

  19. I haven’t gotten the footage I need to use the speed up technique on. Since you’ve made this tutorial, is the method shown still the most efficient means of speeding up footage? The whole exporting/importing audio?

  20. How do you add circles over mouse cursor and arrows to emphasize the choices into your videos? BTW thanks for the series!

  21. Hello. Thank you for you videos.
    I tried to mix face blur and speeding on a same project (but not at the same time), and I can’t find a way to not having a shift on the mask. On the U/V editor, I’m importing the video with original speed.

    Have you any advice?

  22. First of all thanks for your great channel
    Instead of the Audio button, mine is named ‘Play’.. How do I get the audio or access the function in another way?

  23. I know this is an old video, but let’s say you want a transform strip to be sped up, if I try everything the same, the audio works perfectly but the video just freezes

  24. Just wondering, several Blender versions later, do you still recommend rendering the audio separately instead of editing a cut of original audio directly?

  25. Hi Mike, one question. I have no option/button to render just an audio. I have there "play" button instead. I tried to find out in the documentation but with no success. May i ask for the help here to get some tips what settings i can check? Thanks a lot.

  26. Great. It s a bit tidious, hope will developer will simplfy the process in future, or make a bridge with openshpt (that is also tidiuos and unstable… Thk s alot waas succesfulll. kool

  27. I don’t know how you were keeping a straight face at the end there. Slowed down risk assessment was a nice surprise for researching the tutorial process. 🙂

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