Secrets to Producing 3,000+ Videos in 787 Days!

Secrets to Producing 3,000+ Videos in 787 Days!

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Jerry Banfield


  1. Why are these people flaming for attention? If you know it’s click bait then don’t click on it just to flame someone. Though the sudden shift of content might of caught some people off guard. I really think you should’ve made a different channel for this stuff. Not hating on anything though.

  2. that lady in your new video Bonnie is not as fine as Jana come on Jerry I was proud of you Jana is fine af I was jealous of you for a minute :(. did you get her nudes???;)

  3. I think you are a cool guy and I’m a subscriber BUT:
    I think that going for sheer quantity isn’t necessarily a good thing.
    I believe that the reason most of your videos are getting a low number of views compared to the number of subscribers is because you are spreading yourself too thin on one channel.
    My guess is that you just have a very diverse range of interests (as do I) and that’s why you are doing it that way.
    But I think that lumping together vastly different topics/themes in one channel prevents your channel from taking off in terms of average views per video.
    I mean, inspirational videos don’t really mix with marketing videos. UNLESS they are meant to be inspirational videos specifically for marketing people.
    Bitcoin and freelancing are again 2 topics that have vastly different audiences! There are hardly any freelancers on the planet that have any interest in bitcoin. Freelancers want hard cash they can use to buy groceries or pay the rent. Bitcoin is the very last thing on their mind. And while I also have a very diverse range of personal interests, most people aren’t like that.
    Long story short:
    My recommendation is: pick a very, VERY clearly defined target audience and make ONLY videos that interest this particular audience! (Hackers aren’t interested in health or lifestyle advice, vegans don’t usually have any interest in programming or marketing. I hope you get the idea.)
    For any other videos you wanna create, upload them on a separate second, third or fourth channel. Not here.
    If you start focusing like this, your **viewership** is gonna grow — not just the number of subscribers.
    If you focus like that the vast majority of your current subscribers will lose interest in your channel. But they have already lost interest since they aren’t watching. So, you really don’t have anything to lose. You’ve lost them a long time ago when they realized that most of your video topics don’t interest them. If you refocus on just one very clearly defined audience, your viewership will start growing. That way just 5,000 subscribers could generate a lot more average views per video than you are generating now with 130,000 subscribers.

  4. Jerry – keep doing you. The people complaining are hearing you, but are not listening. So much value in this video! Thank you.

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