Resident Evil Reboot In The Works With James Wan Producing – Collider Video

Resident Evil Reboot In The Works With James Wan Producing – Collider Video

According to Variety, Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the board at Constantin Films – who produced all of the Resident Evil movies – confirmed at Cannes that a reboot is currently being planned for the franchise that will then lead to six movies; with the first being produced by James Wan. See video for details. Watch entire Movie Talk episode here:

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  1. It feels way to soon for a new Resident Evil franchise but I want them go more of the horror route and use characters and plot points from the games, James Wan definitely can pull it off

  2. Chris and Jill as the start off of the reboot and it make sense for chris being the main character of the whole resident evil franchise on live movies

  3. A hollywood director getting the right source material to do it right is like asking isis to stop killing people neither will ever understand so it is fucked

  4. Each angle from the resident evil games from 1 thru 3 gave out that atmosphere and feeling like what really happened and how. I hope they throw in that chilling sense of what resident evil was and supposed to be. Now days games don’t give you that nostalgic. You don’t feel that. Instead now it’s just all about what looks more real and has lots of content.

  5. nooooooooooo please don’t fuck the reboot movie up with that shitty fuck number resident evil 7 number 7 wasn’t even a reboot number 1 and 0 was the scariest ones

  6. Take and the franchise back to it’s horror roots and keep it there. Center it on the characters from the games – in particular Jill, Chris, Leon, Claire, Ada, and Wesker – and lose the fanservice. Part of the reason video game movies have been terrible thus far is because they’re trying to be slavishly loyal to the source material. Most of these games are already interactive movies, and no one wants to watch an interactive movie they can’t actually interact with (though I might be wrong there, what with the popularity of Let’s Play vids). Make the necessary changes to the story for it to work on the big screen while remaining faithful to the tone of the game. And these studios need to let go of counting their chickens before they’ve hatched. Six films?! You don’t even have one yet. Focus on the first movie and worry about franchising later.

  7. Got to love all the complainers who watched all 6 movies. Clearly you didn’t hate the series that much if you didn’t stop after a couple.

  8. If the movie actually sticks with the what the games are all about, I’m on board. If they’re going to do another bullshit action adventure franchise like they did with Milla Jovovich, they shouldn’t even call it Resident Evil.

  9. Thank god!!! Deliver us from shitty resident evil movies! Finally someone with more than a 12$ budget and some actual talent as a director gets a chance.

  10. Hopefully they don’t base it off the recent hillbilly horror game. They need to go back and do it right or not at all.

  11. As long as it’s done properly and follows the real RE formula starting with the first RE film based on the game in the mansion. I don’t give a damn about how closely it follows it just make a RE film franchise that’s actually relatable to the source material.

  12. James Cameron should have done it and make it like Aliens with the STARS like the Colonial Marines and the monsters like the aliens. That’s what I always felt a Resident Evil movie would be like Aliens.

  13. fUCK YES!!! NOW DO IT LIKE THE GAMES PLEASE !! not just some action cheesfest ….MAke it serious Dark evil badass gritty …Bring us back into the dark hallways of the mansion and the creepy eerieness of the woods with the ravens and sick hungry doverman dogs …and bring back those scary fukin zombie slike the first zombie encounter ever from the games!! YES!!

  14. I’d have absolutely no hope if it wasn’t for Resident Evil 7. If the games over-came the ridiculous over the top BS, then the films have a glimmer of hope. Especially with Wan.

  15. Right please 🙏🏻 mr James wan use the character from the games , make it horror thriller and make the zombies/monsters look realistic

  16. I would really like to see the franchise reeboot go back to the original video game sources and be way more of a horror movie excluding the cheesy Paul w s Anderson action scenes. you guys rock!

  17. With James Wan in it, i think the movie will gone to a good horror. Just remember movies he produced, The Conjuring, Insidious, Dead Silence.

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