Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software For YouTube

Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software For YouTube

These are the top 5 free video editing software for making YouTube videos that are the best. There are so many free video editing options and there are a few I have not tried, so these are the best 5 free video editing programs I have used. Most of these free video editor software are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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VideoPad Video Editor:
(To continue using VideoPad after trial, uninstall, then re-install)



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  1. Sad to say, that Video Pad should be removed from the list. They’ve apparently added limitations to their editor. Now they only allow a demo of all the features, then after a short time you lose the ability to export your video unless you buy the paid version.

  2. That demo doesn’t appear to have anything on the imovie that comes with the Mac. What about something that lets you sculpt out your intro logo etc. There’s some fantastic-looking vlogs around. Like Gary Orsum (a rightist). His opening animated logos are incredible and a totally new one each time. How does he do it?

  3. Before i download these do any of them speed up videos? Like if i wanna make a speedpaint could i speed up my video with these?

  4. Regarding the tutorial – What if your video file already has audio on it? Do you need to re-import it to the audio track, or will it just play the audio natively? Can you cut the audio off the vid? Will it layer together, such as if I record something like gameplay with audio, and then record a commentary track, will I be able to overlay the audio commentary over it?

  5. ty ty!!!! I REALLY NEEDED THIS! ;D I used shotcut because it looked cool anyways TYSM! IT WORKS AND I REALLY NEEDED IT FOR ONE OF MY VIDEOS!

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