1. Wtf Asap Mob is out there because sell their soul to the devil for fame & fortune rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne & Etc do shit like that to go mainstream like to be honest Asap Mob isnt really all of that to me Pro Era is better than Asap Mob ! They always have and always will., but the minute Pro Era goes to mainstream I’m going to stop listenin to them..,

  2. nigga how the fuck you know half the fans dont know who kirk knight? he was on 1999 mixtape AND rejex mixtape

  3. As a group they are more bubbling, maybe Rocky got it over a few but the group there’s no stopping these cats.

  4. am i the only one that thinks kirk is wack af, rip capital steeze,  joey aight im not hating just saying hes always off beat. the beats are dope but his whole rapping thing is not dope to me. rip steeze i honestly feel like he made the group kirk is just another joey badass but crazy off beat 

  5. Smh its sad they see a talent young gifted African American man doing something good with his life and is STILL hating.. My question is why cant people be happy for other peoples success? Kirk isn’t lame and if you feel as though he is then why on earth are you still watching the video? By the way the song in the beginning is called Dreams by Kirk Knight while your at it hit him up on tumblr too @KirkKnight byee bEastCoast, Pro Era NO Error !

  6. Blows my mind how mature pro era is compared to most industry cats that are poppin, its amazing. Bringin that boombap back into the limelight. Props from socal

  7. Are you sure about that? Sure A$AP Rocky is little more bubbling than Joey Badass, but pound for pound, I think Pro Era, as an entire collective, is definitely more bubbling than ASAP Mob.

  8. Why are you guys asking questions like this guy has a fanbase smh…He’s tight for the like TWO songs he has but not even half of Pro Era fans know who he is.

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