Multi-Camera DSLR Video Editing Tutorial From Start to Finish in Premiere Pro CS6 – Part 2 for Staff

Multi-Camera DSLR Video Editing Tutorial From Start to Finish in Premiere Pro CS6 – Part 2 for Staff

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In this tutorial, we are going to walk through an entire multi-camera DSLR video edit featuring 2 cameras and an independent audio track in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

This video is designed for SLR Lounge and Lin and Jirsa video production staff to teach our video editing process from start to finish. Again, we thought it might be useful to everyone else, so we are making the video public.

Keep in mind that this is our production workflow based on our needs and desired quality, not based on broadcast television editing standards. Editing for broadcast television will use much more extensive means for color correction and grading (including the use of Vectorscopes and broadcast calibrated monitors).

As mentioned in the video, we primarily use an RGB Curve and the 3 Way Color Grader (when needed) to create our overall look since it is more simple for our staff (who are photographers to begin with) to learn and adopt. In addition, we have no need for more extensive techniques since our staff is editing videos that are primarily to be used on the web.

So, please understand that there will be differences in workflow and editing depending on your desired output and use. This is our editing workflow based on our needs and use, which we thought we would make public in case it helps anyone else out. Enjoy!


  1. Been really wondering about this, thank you! I’m a beginner Videographer and I’m definitely going to need to know this for different projects I’m sure will come up.

  2. I Agree with Billy Sly. Really helped me understand since i´m new to this…. One more subscriber.. Superb!!!!!

  3. My guess is that when you are dragging the effect over to your clip- that you aren’t dragging it to the END or START of e clip – accidentally dragging to the middle. It won’t drop in the middle. When the clips (or magnification on your timeline) is small, this is really easy to do accidentally.

  4. can you tell me that from where i get some libraries and code for video editing software?bcoz i am a student and i am working on my degree project which video editing software.Can you help me plzzzz???

  5. This is a great walk-through/tutorial.  You’ve covered just about every basic aspect that I had questions on and I really appreciate it.  For those of you see this and wanting the keyboard shortcuts he’s using, I found this:

  6. Best video editing tutorial i ever seen. hats off to the uploader.. i learned a lot through this video. god bless u guyz . thnx .

  7. One question if you are shooting and editing a music video and import the mp3 or music file into Premiere how will you sync the music to the video since we are not using the camera audio? Will this same method work or will it be different?

  8. Thanks for your reply but I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. The reason I couldn’t drag or extend the transition was because some of the clips I had used were at the end meaning there was no footage left to play in one of the clips. I was chopping my clips to size in Cineform and then using all of each clip in my Premiere Timeline. So of course I had no room to play with cross dissolve etc.

    Makes sense now but as I am new I couldn’t figure it out.

    Thanks anyways 🙂

  9. Hey I have a question/problem. Sometimes when I try and add a "dip to black/white" transition in between two frames sometimes it won’t let me and will only add the effect to the start of frame 2. Also it won’t let me extend it. This only happens every so often so I am guessing it is something I am doing beforehand. Can you tell me why this is happening?

  10. Is the PluralEyes software synching the sound from each camera? If so, I presume that you must record sound on every camera in order to synchronize the cameras’ videos.

  11. HELP! I’ve used Vegas several times for the same purpose. PremPro is a more advanced software, but when the selection stage is rolling, I may make a bad cut, hit Ctrl+Z to undo, but it doesn’t undo my last switch – it undoes the entire stretch! This can’t be right?

  12. Dude, if you use "Dip to black" at the beginning and at the and of the video it will take you less time than "Cross Desolve", try it out 😉

  13. At 0:57:57 you change accidently the Audio codec option from ACC to ACC + Version 2 😉

    Otherwise one of the best Tuts out there!

  14. Это не мультикамера – а ручная сборка видео не надо путать два разных действия.

  15. Thank you very much for sharing! This video is pretty useful and easy on the eye. Not boring and plenty of things to learn!

  16. Good video, ill subscribe – but i’ve been looking for multi camera edit for 22 minuttes now.. 🙂

  17. Hi; Help….having problems importing Sony audio .mts files into Premier… the
    video comes across no problems, but can’t get the audio track on…. Any

  18. He says that his primary audio is so much better than the secondary audio from shotgun mics on the secondary cameras. Is the primary audio from a lavalier microphone? Are lavaliers always better than shotgun microphones?

  19. Hi, I’m looking to start my own business in videography (creating promo videos, etc.). I’m interested in knowing which kind of camera you’d recommend to get the best picture/footage, Canon or Nikon? Also, is Final Cut Pro one of the best video editing software? It’s probably one of the only ones that I’m familiar with right now. Should I also get familiar with Adobe and other important software? Interested in hearing from you. Thank you in advance.

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