Blender Video Editing – Part 16 (Mixing Frame Rates)

Blender Video Editing – Part 16 (Mixing Frame Rates)

Learn to Video Edit with Blender
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Video Description

This video shows you how to edit video with different frame rates (FPS) at the same time using the “Speed Control” effect strip.

(NOTE: This only works well if the “Speed Factor” can be entered in exactly to no more than the 1/1000’s place.

For example:
You can enter in 1.234 as the “Speed Factor”, but you can’t maintain audio sync if the “Speed factor” needs to be 1.2345 or more numbers.

I highly recommend that you convert larger, or more problematic frame rates using ffmpeg. There are 2 free GUI programs that can convert frame rates automatically: “WinFF” (Windows and Linux), and “Avidemux.” (Windows, Linux and Mac))

You can find the Speed factor with this:

Speed factor = Source FPS / Desired Output FPS


  1. Is there a way to blend the speed control to the video strip so that i don’t have to deal this anymore? Most of the cases once I have adjusted the speed, I won’t mess with it again, so I just wanted to "hard apply" it to the video strip. I got close to this by using meta strips, but I think it’s still not ideal. Sorry for bad English. Keep the series, It helped me a lot. Thx a lot.

  2. A much easier and faster way is to leave the "Speed Control" strip as default on "Stretch to input strip length". Just make a Meta Strip on the strips, and you can use that Meta Strip and cut as you want ;D

  3. This is a very nice series. I have been looking for something like this on blender for quite some time. Thanks a lot.

  4. This video is about 40 APS ("acutally"s per second.) Painful bro. But a great tutorial nonetheless. 😉

  5. I’m slightly confused how this works in terms of the audio file. If you want to cut a clip that has the adjusted fps, do you do that before the adjustment or after? I’m trying to cut a 60fps clip, while most others are 30fps (which is also my default).

  6. this is the best editing series i have ever seen you helped me a lot i hope you earn back from helping me ( like + subscribe )

  7. with the newest blender there are only two decimals allowed. makes it even harder to use videos with unusual framerates..

  8. I ahve just spent about 2 days creating a short animation… When i have gone to render it its is in 24 fps.  and once i change it too 30 fps all the timeing gets messed up. How can you convert everything you have done into a higher fps?

  9. This fixes a problem i didn’t know the solution to. Where I had made a credit sequence in blender using the 3d camera….exported the video, And then when i imported the video back into blender is was completely screwed up and I couldn’t get it fixed. Now I just follow these instrucitons and TADA! Fixed.
    I had to put out an audition video asap, so I ended up playing the video and recording it…and using the recorded in the audition video. A bit embarrassing but it worked, albeit a bit jagged…..definitely never doing that again tho!

  10. wow… thanks a lot! that vid helped me massively! i always struggled with that mixed fps stuff… *ThumbUp*

  11. by the way folks.
    if you want to put just an image in your time frame and nothing else adding the speed effect with the correct value will help your video run smoothly.

  12. I am sorry, but this is incredibly stupid. Blender should fix this automaticaly. Right now i am coping with lots of variable FPS clips and it’s pure hell. Blender suddenly doesn’t seem so atractive to me.

  13. I’m trying this method to convert a 25 fps video to 30 fps but the speed control strip isn’t working :[ there seems to be no change to the video

  14. The thing I don’t like about unchecking the stretch video is that I like to see what the final clip length looks like because I am adding a lot of clips and using the speed control on them, so I need to snap them, any ideas? Thanks!

  15. Hallo, my framerate is differing with the audio exactly by 1. everytime. any idea on what might be the problem? I am using gopro hero4 video material.

  16. Variable frame rate video… Argh… Like this video editing wasn’t hard enough to learn!
    I’m sniffing out all the free programs on this. I have a lot of video’s that changes in FPS from the mobile.
    Personally I would like to have my video’s in 60 FPS as that is more fluent – but… then you have the issue of other formats. And again then one also has the problem with Variable Frame rate when recording with the phone or recording the phone screen it seems as well.
    I fixed 3 video files together from one take but the Mobile won’t go beyond 4 GB before making a new video file – and they are Variable frame rate as well but Avidemux fixed it without any issue.
    Had issues with Openshot on the sound – it still seemed like it was in sync but scratching in audio and takes ages for it to make all the encoding of them.
    Avidemux seems to just do it without any encoding and thereby having the original files pieces together easily. Even if it is Variable Frame rate.
    I have Blender as well – iv just looked at your video’s to get the feeling without doing much in the program itself.

    This encoding thing seems to be something one might setup the computer to do before going to sleep… Is there like a way one can setup jobs in Blender for this if one has multiple video’s? Then one could start it and go to sleep and let it work.

    Thanks for all your work and information

  17. Hi Mikey I have a question, I am trying to edit each video that I recorded in my samsung galaxy s5 this video is 2.7 gigabytes , when I uploaded in render to edit it it plays slow and the sound don’t match with the video. When I play it it shows between 2 and 4 fps. Can you help me. I will appreciate.

  18. +Mikeycal Meyers Hi im back 🙂
    I had a question about de frame rates. I have a gameplay video of 60 fps and i have a webcam of 30 fps and does that also work well?

  19. do you have a PayPal so I can send you a few bucks for a beer? you have no idea how much your videos have helped me.

  20. Thanks for your tutorials! I have the problem that is this video about, and i tried your solution but it doesn’t work… I record one tutorial using quicktime player to record my screen and the FPS of the video are 20.77. I made the operation 20.77/24 = 0.86… but it doesn’t work… what could be the problem?

  21. First of all, congrats for the great tutorials on Blender as Video Editing Software ;).
    I have clips recorded at 720p, 120fps and I don’t seem to be able to play that at a normal speed without losing image quality..
    If I insert it as a 30fps video I get a perfect slow motion video, with great quality, after rendering.
    However, if I insert it as 120fps (as it is), and render it (MP4), the image quality is seriously degraded.. Do you have any hints on why and how to fix it? Thanks !

  22. how do you get the program from playing the audio when you click anywhere on the timeline, when i click the start of the video the audio automatically play and it doesn’t stop unless i stop the animation which is not even moving

  23. I find the better way is to just scale the strip after adding the speed control. This will not truncate it, but will modify the speed automatically. So just set the Length as same as the audio or calc the new length with the time scale factor.

  24. Another great video 🙂 As a tip — you can actually let Blender do the computation for you, no need to get out a calculator. Just type the ratio ("24/30") into "Multiply Speed", and it’ll give you 0.80.

  25. Cool tips!!

    It is curious the way audio works well even if the fps are set differently!
    It’s something like a reference strip!!

  26. You actualy don’t need the calculator, just type 30/25 in the Speed Factor box and blender does the calculation for you and replace it with 1.2. That works in all numeric setting boxes on blender.

  27. Great tut!Since we are talking of variable frame rates , I was wondering if you have experimented with using Grease Pencil layers in Blender Vse.They work great for creating annotations on the fly.
    However,when these grease pencil layers are used there is a sudden drop in fps (from 25(video fps) to 2 ) and the AV Sync is out of whack.I have used frame dropping and proxy editing but still the problem persists.
    I know using a program like Gimp to make separate annotations will solve these problems,
    but if it was within blender itself it would have been convenient. Any solution on this front will greatly help.Thanks.

  28. Hello. Can anybody help me. When I’m editing in Blender I have problem with frame rate and speed.
    When I check fram rate of video is 25, but when puting it in this frame rate in blender video is to slow. For some videos I change to 50 frame rate and it’s OK also video and sound are sync (dispite that frame rate is 25), but for some, when i render, the video is speeded up (despite that in Blender video and sound are sync)? What I’m doing wrong?

  29. This video helped me so much! Thank you. Overall your tutorials have been a great help for me on learning how to use blender to better edit my videos.

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