Best Video Editing App for Android (Late 2017!)

Best Video Editing App for Android (Late 2017!)

Looking for the ultimate Android video editor? Here’s our current pick for the BEST Video Editing App for Android (and why!) **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► Android: ► iPhone:


► PowerDirector –
► Kinemaster –

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— Best Video Editing App for Android (Late 2017!) —

Every year, the video editing apps on Android and iPhone seem to get more and more powerful… We did a full overview of the video editor landscape on both Android and iOS late last year, but there have been some significant app updates since then, so it’s time for a fresh review.

In the last round, we narrowed the choices down to Cyberlink’s PowerDirector, and KineMaster. Both have had some significant updates since then, but there is now one clear leader when it comes to the BEST Android editing app…

In this video, we take a quick look at the current Video Editing App landscape, what’s changed with the leading Android video editors since last year, and my recommendations for the BEST Video Editing app for Android right now!

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  1. great videos.. very informative…I love the tip about matching the video settings on the phone to the video editor. I am wanting to do some videos for YouTube an IG but not sure what settings to use or how to adjust them. i just got a new S9 and not sure what settings are best..Is there any content of this? …thanks

  2. Get some braces at your earliest convenience, dude. You deserve some excellent looking teeth to match your quality of production.

  3. Just switched from an iPhone 6 and the LumaFusion app to a Samsung S9, and I’ve been looking for the best editing app out there. This was a huge help! Thanks a lot ✌

  4. I’m currently editing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. (Will get the Note 9 this Sep). I watched your video several months back and purchased PowerDirector. While it is a good app, where it lost me as a customer was that it wouldn’t let me edit 4K or 2.5K, because the Note 5 processor cannot edit these resolutions. The Note 5 shoots these resolutions, but cannot edit them. PowerDirector doesn’t downconvert 4K or 2.5K to 1080p. So I couldn’t edit these high res footage in PD. Then I trial-ed and purchased Kinemaster. It automatically asks if I wish to downconvert 4K or 2.5K to 1080. I say yes, and it downconverts and I’m off editing within seconds. It even saves the downconverted clips into my phone Gallery under ‘Converted’. The newest phones like Note 8 and S9 likely edit 4K natively, so PowerDirector would be fine. The upcoming Note 9 will have a Snapdragon 845 CPU, so editing 4K or 2.5K will be a breeze, regardless of which editing platform one uses – PowerDirector or Kinemaster. However, I rewatched your video now and will look at PD again, since I have it, regarding color grading being better than Kinemaster. KM’s color correction is just 3 sliders – brightness, contrast, saturation. Thanks for your videos, your channel has helped me immensely.

  5. How do I buy it outright. I downloaded the app and it’s a monthly subscription fee. Did they change it?

  6. Presently using kinemaster and paid the 4.99 monthly so I’m going to use it for a month and then check power director thanks!!

  7. I just started a youtube channel. And im using quik from gopro for editing since im using a gopro hero session for my filming. Which editing software would be recommend ?

  8. I am using PowerDrictor. Kimater. FlinraGo. Slideshow Maker. MagoVideo. InShOt.. LIKE A piston is vivavideo but I don’t like that or no more now ever since I started using pad director and kind master and other ones

  9. I feel disappointed, everything is now subscription based.
    Is there anything that you can recommend that does NOT require regular payment?

    Watermark is not an option for me and I’m ready to pay but not monthly!

  10. I edit on iOS, where I can edit down to the frame so I can make the visuals match the beat of a music audio file. When I tried this a couple of years back on Android using Kinemaster the edits floated around losing the effect of changing on the beat. Does Powerdirector solve this problem?

  11. They both are good I use powerdirector the most but Kinemaster does things I like too . They both have things that are better than the other I would call it a tie

  12. Hi Justin, I use power director. Question is my phone has 25fps and not 24. The app has 24 and not 25, do you think this has much effect on the video quality? I know i could do 30 fps to match but i find that 30 fps can look a bit unreal. Whats your advice, Cheers phill

  13. Did Power Director move to a monthly fee in 2018 or is there a version/method for the one time $6 fee you mention?

  14. Can you make a short video of how to edit videos from the end to the front? That does make more sense and am just curious of how to do it or how to begin that..

  15. Vizmoto is what use and it allows filters you can speed up and slow down your clip you can also add a lot of Clips there’s a lot of editing effects text options and different voice options and it’s my favorite editing app but I’m trying to get something more efficient and more creative I still love that app

  16. Does Powerdirector provide free music within the app (not music saved on your phone) like Kinemaster?

  17. Perfect end to my long search on what to use for video editing on my Chromebook. Thanks heaps, Justin. Getting PD now. Quick question for anyone reading this: does it support 60fps exports? I would think so, but in your export it only showed 24 or 30 available. I shoot almost entirely in 60fps.

  18. Im confused now, for Powerdirector you said you would only need to pay $6, i download the app and its a subscription type thing.

  19. I would like to make story videos like "Mortis Media" where they use pictures as background. This should be easy but I don’t know how. Can you help me?

  20. hi, with power director, is it possible to lock up certain frames with the imported sound so that the music does not shift if i decide to add a photo or change the speed other frames

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