Sound & volume editing – iMovie for iPad and iPhone

Sound & volume editing – iMovie for iPad and iPhone

iMovie for iOS is a great free editing app that lets you do a surprising amount of quality video editing – perfect for video editing on the move!

This video covers the specifics of the audio editing in the app – how to adjust volume, fad, add music and sound effects.

Edited and filmed in …. iMovie!

Music created in Garageband for Mac


  1. Very informative. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m looking for a way to save the audio from a video that I’m not going to keep. Is there a way to save just the audio to the iphone/ipad?

  2. Will this help with the proper dialogue syncing? because I made a video in which the syncing works well in iMovie but when I publish it on YouTube the syncing goes wrong

  3. This was very helpful! I have a question though: can I move the background music the way you movies the original audio or sound effect?

  4. Is the imovie music is free?i used it for my video.Someone said that is copy right music ?? could you please answer my question??thank you so much

  5. I have a problem, I Made a coc gameplay, with commentary, but the gameplay sound is too high, how Can I lower that and make the microphone audio higher? I used iOS 11 screen recorder

  6. Jamie please tell me how to remove extra noise or background noises from my video,for clear voice . Thanks

  7. Thanks. I’m new to iphone and learning new stuff. The versatility is amazing in iMovie. Way better than Android.

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