Video Editing Laptop? (ASUS GL502VM GTX 1060)

Video Editing Laptop? (ASUS GL502VM GTX 1060)

Checking out the ASUS GL502VM gaming laptop. Specifically want to see how well it would be for video editing.

Asus ROG Strix GTX1060:

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  1. here is my quick review… rog g752vt-dh71 is the best for me because it is on usb type c thunderbolt which is support a external graphics card btw the rog gl502 has only usb type c 3.1 which is do not support external gpu… anyway the g752 twice the weight of the gl502.. gl502 much more compact and lighter.

  2. This laptop really really heats up and I think its something to worry for long term as it may damage the hardware due to exessive heat.

  3. I am thinking opf investing in this laptop ot the GT62VR 6RD-070XES from MSI – my main focuis is on CG and I use the blender software – any advice you can offer – is the Asus ok with blender? any idea where I might go to find out…

  4. Awesome information on rendering on an ASUS gaming laptop it gives me and idea on performance. I have an ASUS gaming laptop and intend to us it as my go to editing laptop for now.

  5. Hey, I’m really interested in buying this laptop. I also edit a lot of things and my clientele is moving towards 4k too. Thanks for the review! …Also, out of curiosity, what kind of laptop do you have?

  6. Hey excellent review. Im buying this laptop and I want to conect it to a monitor and use it as a desktop computer. I´m audiovisual designer so I edit HD videos too, if I use it more than 9 hours per day, does it get overheat?

  7. any ideas about performance difference in premiere pro for 4k?
    especially for timeline playback

  8. Paolo Bonazzoli how long does this last for just browsing the web and typing essays, i want to get this laptop for college, i need at least 5 hours of battery life for light tasks

  9. thanks! My laptop is over four years old and has a core i7, I guess it’s good to know it’s not outdated yet.

  10. i’m looking for a laptop for video editing (adobe premiere pro + a7s ii).
    – my last one: mbp retina 15" i7 16gb ram + ssd (mid 2014).
    – what are your recommendations?

  11. Thanks for the review man. Thinking of getting this to start out my channel. Just wondering, does the heat on this one ever bother you?

  12. How is the workflow on the laptops. I never have trouble with rendering becuase i just leave it alone for a while, buuuut when workflow is happening im lagging hard, Looking to upgrade to this machine. What is your thoughts?

  13. I’m considering buying this laptop. Can anyone who’ve owns this laptop tell me about any issues that you’ve had ? I hear overheating is quiet an issue with this laptop , but not sure. please enlighten me

  14. Im a huge fan of ASUS. I have their ROG motherboard for my desktop and it rocks. I had an issue with one of the two I bought and they replaced it under warranty.

  15. Thanks, Jeremy. I just ordered the Asus ROG Strix GL502VM-DB71 and was wondering how it did with video editing. Now I know. I don’t like the fact that batteries are now embedded but I guess there’s nothing you can do.

  16. if you really want better rendering numbers, increase your ram. The video card has very little to do with your video rendering. Its more CPU and RAM intense. Plus solid state may help too.

  17. This was a really good review. I watched it because I’m both a Gamer and a 4K Content Creator for my channel. So, Overall it looks pretty good and you did a great job presenting it!

    The Main Criticism I have for your testing is to do at least 3 games and of varying genres and they don’t have to be the latest and greatest just different, because the main problem I have with only using an FPS game for the test is that most First Person Shooters are heavily optimized for no lag and high Frames Per Second, so they aren’t very good at representing other types of games like RPG games that use a large amount of NPCs and/or far, polygon-dense render distances.

    So, bottom line, loved the review! Just add another genre or two to your testing in the future 🙂

    P.S. – I wish my first content creation/gaming product review had been that good.

  18. Hi guys….I need to know which one is better the ASUS GL502 (with these specifications) or the Acer Predator 15 (with 32 gb ram and gtx 1070)
    The difference in my country is 1800 USD and 2500 USD respectively
    I will be using the laptop for motion graphics, video editing and gaming on new releases..looking for something that will last me more than 2 years.

  19. Make a cup of coffee and live with it or do yourself a favour and build yourself a desktop for half the price and get yourself a nice chromebook or tablet to go with your desktop. The fx502vm is basically the same laptop but looks aimed at a more mature market without the ugly orange WASD, its backlit red, no ugly orange bits on the body. But lacks any kind of Thunderbolt, you do get thunderbolt 2.0 on the gl502vm. If you can afford it get the new Alienware 15, its also not flashy with orange crazy colours, just plain black with adjustable lighting. But it has a better chassis, less flex as has steel reinforcing, better everything really, for not that much more.

  20. Great review mate, as usual you cut straight to the chase, no messing. By the way I didn’t notice the dogs at all! You could always chuck them a smokey bone if they are distracting you, hey it’s just ‘life noises’! :0)

  21. Exactly how heavy is this laptop. Considering sleeker SSD laptops like Dell XPS or Zenbook Pro and all, is ASUS ROG G502 Gtx 1070 better??
    Also, do you think it is better than a little sleeker ASUS G501??

  22. video encoding is a cpu operation, the gpu helps with acceleration but unless you have a lot of effects where you’re actually drawing frames you aren’t going to see huge differences between these gpus

  23. It’s a shame this laptop wont last longer than a few months before it melts. This thing reaches over 200 degrees under any load, it’s terrible.

  24. video was great man just windering can i play call of duty infinite warfare nba 2k rainbow six siege tom clancy the division for every day gaming

  25. Jeremy, I do YouTube videos and very light editing, but would like to make my videos more visually interesting and render in a reasonable amount of time. I purchased both the ASUS Q524UA 6th gen i7, 12GB, 2 TB 5400 HDD & 2 GB nvidia 940 MX for $680 and the ASUS Q534UX 7th gen i7, 16GB, 4k UHD, 2 TB 5400 HDD, 512 GB SSD & 2 GB nvidia GTX 950m for $1024. Which should I keep?

  26. I have a suggestion, next time you could download MSI afterburner to monitor in-game temperatures. As a gamer, I am always concern about GPU and CPU temperatures becuase very high temperature will have am impact in performance and it can also damage your laptop. It will be nice if you can make another video showing in-game temperatures. Very good video overall. Thanks.

  27. Great information I really appreciate it and will be starting my channel off soon using your info. Also, those willing to sub me please do and let me know

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