Android Video Editing: Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Android Video Editing: Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Android Video Editing: Here are the best video editing apps for Android! *** Check out Gear and Apps we’re using:

– Cyberlink PowerDirector:
– KineMaster – Pro Video Editor:

– How To Edit on Android with Cyberlink PowerDirector:
– How To Edit on Android with KineMaster:
– Filming with Android – Complete Guide to Shooting Professional Videos:

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— Android Video Editing: Best Video Editing Apps for Android —

It’s no secret, I’m a big fan of producing video content with Smartphones. The quality of camera’s built in to devices these days has really changed the game, and as they say, “the best camera is the one you have with you”.

With improvements in Video Editing apps available there’s now some great options for editing your content right on your device, making it the ultimate tool for creating videos on the go.

I’ve tested a TON of android video editor apps, ranging from the simplest template-based apps that automatically generate videos from your footage, to full-blown editing solutions with timeline and multi-track support. Until recently, my biggest gripe has been how overly simplified these apps have all been – there was no real option for true ‘editing’ I was really happy with.

But that’s changed. There are now several apps that give you a full editing workflow and all the basic customization tools you need, right on your Android device.

In this video, we run through my two best recommendations, after testing out and working with a ton of different apps!

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  1. Wow both are useless kinemaster when I edit it it always goes black and the additional money is worst and powerdirector can’t even download it isn’t compatible with my version I prefer mobizen edit it’s unreaalease but if full version no problem only problem is that with mobizen is slow loading

  2. I think PowerDirector is great
    I want to have the version with no watermark and on my phone I only have to pay for that once but on my tablet it says I need to pay monthly

  3. hi is the 5 dollars payment on power director one time payment only? or theres going to be a monthly payment? thanks

  4. How can I add a song with my pic please i was looking for a videos to help me and I asked u please make a videos and I will watch it please.

  5. Perfectly presented! You get straight to the point and don’t waste much time like many other reviewers who constantly input their personal opinions more than talking about the features and advantages/disadvantages of the product or service they are speaking of. Greatly appreciated.

  6. So you can sum this up to one sentence. If you wanna do decent mobile video editing you need an iPad and Luma Fusion that costs about 22 Euros. Once, not monthly.

  7. Yes i love powerdirector. I use it on my samsung phone. So i paid to use it in my laptop but i find it different and hard. Now im regretting. Am i doing anything wrong?

  8. Does anyone know the best ones for a Samsung galaxy note 4? This is helpful though because it is an android.
    EDIT : OK. I’ve seen the cyber link one. Can I ask how to film on a computer???

  9. PowerDirector is now subscription-based, which works out to about $20 per short video clip for me — not a good value for casual use. They do have ActionDirector on the old pay-once for unlock model, apparently.

  10. Thank you very much, I found this video really helpful and after watching it twice I have agreed to pay £41.80 for kinemaster and to have no watermark on it. I am currently working with videoshow pro and the only problem is that I can’t produce landscape videos it doesn’t give me a option so I have to stick with portrait videos and bad resolution, just looking at Kinemaster I could see that it is a great editing software and I think it will give a massive impact on my youtube channel. Thanks again for making this video! 😊

    P.S This is not me promoting my channel I just waned to give Justin feedback on how much this video helped me 😁

  11. Is there a way or what would I need to transfer my unedited video from my galaxy s8 plus to a Samsung Galaxy view? Thanks

  12. well I cheated..I dont remove the watermark..I just download du recorder for recording your screen, there is editing tools too in that app….so I make an edit on power director/kinemaster then I save it..after that I edit the video again in du recorders crop the the watermark part…so there’s no watermark..

  13. I had zero editing or videography experience 3 months ago & please understand, I’m not boasting here. I just want people to know just how excellent the Aps ya’ll suggest here are spot on! Every video on my channel, a brand new channel, were done using Power Director and using only my Samsung Galaxy S7 until recently I added a micro cam to my gear & yes I spent $5.95cdn for the version I have so get rid of the watermarks etc. But PD also allows the user to create their own watermark as well, I just uploaded what I wanted & YT ads into my videos for me.
    I,m saving funds for better video gear but I also just downloaded Kinemaster & am trying it out as well. I can use either Ap to make my videos now but Kinemaster is more pricey @ $8.50 cdn/mth & I think the new gear is where my funds will go 1st then I’ll shell out for a yearly rate for the Ap.

    Point being, your video is describing me exactly & if your Subscribers want proof, have them visit my channel as I said, 14 videos that get compliments on a regular basis from a guy who had zero experience. I bought Power Director before I found your incredible channel but everything ya’ll say here is 100% true. Your channel is simply my first & often only source needed for any help I need, I can’t thank ya’ll enough for everything ya’ll do to help new Creators such as me!!

    Thanks so much for all your excellent advice, suggestions, etc in every amazing video ya’ll share.

  14. PowerDirector and ActionDirector are unable to find on-device source video clips in subdirectories beneath …/Pictures or …/Movies. This requires copying large files instead of referencing them. Pretty much a show-stopper for reasonable workflow on a portable device.

  15. I habe a way you can get power director pro just download to apps one is called lucky patcher with a yellow smiley face and watch a YouTube video on how it works and hack power director the. Buy pro version for free you are welcome sub to me if it works which I know it will

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