Super quick audio editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Super quick audio editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Super quick audio editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

You don’t have to be an audio engineer to get professional results. The Essential Sound panel in Premiere Pro will apply intelligent audio effects and settings to your dialog, music SFX and ambient tracks. Watch this tutorial and learn how.

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  1. Thank you. I plan to use this information going forward. Can’t wait to put it to use!

  2. I love your videos, Colin! I’ve learned a lot of usage of Premiere Pro by watching your videos! Thank you!

    I think your channel is one of the best, especially for beginners trying to understand how to use the Creative Cloud Apps and Premiere Pro! Thank you!

  3. So helpful. I would have never guessed this panel creates several effects.
    Could you spend one day few minutes to define and show to the non-English native speakers what are the terms reverb, deEss, deHum etc. actually mean?
    Me, when I hear noise I never know which kind of noise is it 🙂

  4. You r the god of premiere pro. I’m never seen like you who explain every single think like butter

  5. Thanks fro the video, Colin. At about 2.53 you do a before and after comparison of the audio, with and without the essential sound panel changes – my question is, what short cut did you use to toggle between the two, essentially previewing the before and after. I used the undo/redo way, but found this a bit clunky. Cheers again for your great videos!

  6. great video , thanks, but why don’t I see non of the options? I can select the time of audio but non of the presets?

  7. I can see all your videos in loop mode. So informative guru 🙂
    Your Detail explaination are amazing !

  8. Hi Colin, another dumb question, is there any way to export (pro res 422 ) from premiere PC. Or there is equivalent?

  9. I haven’t used the audio panel because it seemed gimmicky and I thought I’d have to edit each clip individually. It’s good to know I can reset the settings if I select all the clips. That’s a crazy powerful feature and I can learn what I should be messing with by looking at the effects placed in the clips.

  10. Hello, I know my question is not same subject as your video but i was just editing and i just remembered to ask you this question : there is a button in the program monitor called "snap graphics" but i did not find its purpose ? Thank you

  11. Thanks Colin. Shame this feature wasn’t included years ago. I’ve spent days in and out of Audition cleaning up client interviews, when I can have the same results now in minutes with this panel…

  12. Help! I don’t find any preset in the essential sound panel in Pr since the last update.
    I tried to copy them from the previous version (11.0) in the most recent folder (12.0) but it doesn’t work.
    They work in audition.
    Thkx for an advice!

  13. Colin, you’ve done it again! Just when I think I’m getting to know my way around my Premiere house you show me a whole new room that I didn’t even know existed. I had no idea the essential sound panel was there. A big thanks for opening the door and letting me peek in.

  14. I have noticed that your typical edits don’t have back to back clips on the same track like in the first part. However in the second video section they were all on the same track. When and why are moving clips to different tracks? This seems to be an editing "strategy" or technique or best practice that I don’t understand.

  15. Because this may not be the newest when U refer to the latest version of PPCC please start what version it is i.e. 2017 or 2018 Thanks. It helps me keep track of things.
    Now off topic I under stand that Adobe has eliminated Dolby 5.1 editing in 2018 True or False?Also am I allowed to have an older version say 2017 and a newer version 2018 at the same time?

  16. thanks for this video,it’s a very useful knowledge.if not u introduce i never know this audio editing,exspecially the meaning of LUFS

  17. amazing as always! this would have been handy 1 week ago before I’d end my latest project but I’m sure it’ll be good for the next one! thank you

  18. Thank you for this (and all!) your tutorials. Your channel is a real gold mine. Regarding audio editing, I am curious whether there might be an "audio ducking" (or sidechain compression) option in Premiere Pro? Say dialogue is on Track 1, background music on Track 2, is there a way to automatically (and proportionally) reduce the volume of Track 2 whenever audio is present on Track 1? Hope my question is clearly formulated… Thanks!

  19. great video… all other I watched didn’t show you that you had to click the options to see whats underneath, get auto match, you need to click on loudness! thank you!

  20. Sir How to create a Wedding Titel in premiere pro.Like profasonal and animated this.plz help..Thanku Sir ..

  21. Thanks Colin
    Can’t wait for next episode! I constantly need another value than 23 LUFS (in fact 16) and it’s a pain int he ass to go to audition only for that!

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