Top 3 Best Video Editing Software for Windows 7,Windows 8(8.1),Windows 10,Mac & Linux 2018(FREE)

Top 3 Best Video Editing Software for Windows 7,Windows 8(8.1),Windows 10,Mac & Linux 2018(FREE)

Are you looking for the best video editing software for windows 7,windows 8(8.1),windows 10,mac & linux,which are opensource software & free to download?If so,then all the top 3 best video editing software for PC shown in this video are the ones you are looking for.Simply because they are the best that I could find & you can download them completely for free & also use them without any limitations.I would like you to try out all the 3 software’s mentioned in this video.I really hope that this video helps you to get the best video editing software for Windows 7,Windows 8(8.1),Windows 10,Linux & Mac.

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The top 3 best free video editing software shown in this video are(in the order as shown in the video)

OpenShot Video Editor link:

Kdenlive Video Editor link:

Shotcut Video Editor link:

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  1. Great video. Thank you. I need to record/capture display of what I’m doing on my laptop and I also need an editor. Which would be best for this that would upload to YT, be compatible with each other, and come FREE?

  2. In open shot…is it has noise removing feature or eqilizer??? for a clear voice…and if I use this softwere in laptop(4gb ram)…does I have to connect a grafix card???
    Plz repply me…
    I watch many vedios on yt but your vedio is the best…thank you very much… 🙂

  3. i had low end 2gb ram pc….i need a best software to edit video to upload on youtube…do you had 1?

  4. I liked this video.

    please make a video on tutorial of nikon d5200 , it will be useful, Only make the video if you like to do so .
    I am not compelling

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