How to Sync Audio to Video in iMovie + Editing Tip | Samantha Ebreo

How to Sync Audio to Video in iMovie + Editing Tip | Samantha Ebreo

Just like the title says, this is all about how to sync audio to video in imovie + a tip for making your editing life way easier.

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Products Mentioned
* iMovie
* Final Cut Pro

My Filming Set Up
* Recorded screen with Screen Record Utility Lite
* Audio recorded through app using Blue Snowball Mic

Hi, my name is Samantha Ebreo but you can call me Sam. I make How To videos on just about everything. My videos range from makeup to editing to home improvements – I post videos on it all. My friends and family call me the modern renaissance woman. So, if you have a wide ranged curiosity like myself, and like to DIY, then click the subscribe button and hang out for a while.

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  1. Good video thank you. When you have to export in order to combine the external audio to the video to make editing easier I guess you will suffer a generation loss as a result of the export. But in FCP I guess you can lock the external audio to the video and edit it without having to export it…is that right?

  2. thanks for sharing. sooo yes i am still trying to get my voice overs down. could you show how to do that.. i mean the way i do it is i film my video then i voice over the parts i want talking but i still do not get it… like if you watch rachel talbit she is great at voice overs and want to do it like her…

  3. You are sooooo helpful! I just bought a new camera and having issues with the sound. This was the easiest video to understand 🙌🏻 may I ask what app you are using on your phone?

  4. These tips were a life saver last night when I spent almost 5hours editing my first video! Lol! Thank you !x

  5. I just started my channel and i’ve been trying to learn small ways i can improve my videos with what i’ve got and this was super helpful! Thank you!!

  6. I did that and mid video the audio started lagging still 😭😭 I’m so sad I don’t know what else to do

  7. Hey I have a suggestion when your using an external mic make sure you clap when you press record to you know where to sync up the audio ;))

  8. Please, why am I hearing music play in the background as this video tutorial is running? It is truly distracting , making it hard to focus on the syncing process you’re demonstrating. Otherwise, informative video. Thanks.

  9. Ok Girl, you ready for the list?! Lol! 🤔😄😅 There’s so many things to IMovie, so any videos on it that you can film would be very much appreciated😊 Voice overs, moving objects on screen, adding text in bubbles, special effects all that kinda stuff would be awesome to learn from you because I Love how you explain it👌 I can totally understand what you’re saying! I got you when you said about the audio being faster than you talking😉 See, I get what you’re taking about😉👌 This video was very informative, keep them coming, pleaseeeee😄😁😁

  10. I think to make it even easier to match sound to video you can expand the amount of film/sound shown per second off to the far right. You expand to the max and then the syncing would be way easier.

  11. when you upload to youtube from imovie did you do .mov or change it into .mp4? I know youtube encoding doesn’t really accept .mov

  12. The best thing to do when recording external audio is to clap with your hands when you start recording. This creates a big spike in both external and camera audio so it’s easier to match it in post. There’s a reason why movies use a clapperboard: To match the audio.

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