BEST VIDEO EDITING LAPTOP? My MacBook Pro Video Editing Setup

BEST VIDEO EDITING LAPTOP? My MacBook Pro Video Editing Setup

Best Video Editing Laptop: This is My Macbook Pro Video Editing Laptop Setup for Video Editing During Travel. I bought the Macbook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar as part of my Portable Video Editing Setup, specifically for Editing Videos when I’m traveling and still need to work.

Having a Portable Video Editing Setup is convenient and it is something every video editor has to consider at some point. When editing my videos choosing the Macbook Pro was more about convenience than power.








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  1. The MacBook Pro touchbar battery life sucks. The Touch Bar is stupid and worthless. I advise everyone I know to buy the previous version. I liked that one much better. The rugged drive is awesome. I was surprised that you don’t use an iPad with the pencil and Duet. I know it is a bit heavier but man does the pencil work great and you can have a second monitor on the road.

  2. Yes live streaming please! I use Imovie… I know its not the best, but it’s what I know.

  3. Nice laptop ! Thank you for telling us about this Roberto. 🙂 I have only been following you and watching your channel for a few months, but I just wanted to say that I love your educational meaty content. It means a lot to me that you give good details and not just fluff. Have a great week!

  4. Thanks Roberto! graphics card? Maybe I missed it. I’m sure I did, but I’m using a GTX1060 6g. As far as for workflow, I’m going to throw a few curve balls here. I use Adobe suite for EVERY huge project. There is no replacing it. But for my own pleasure (and because I’m a slave to deadlines) I have developed a new workflow for short projects using iclone7 to HitFilm 2017 to Wondershare Filmora! Surprisingly a fast and efficient workflow. What are you guys using?

  5. I love premiere pro too! But just so much to learn and that AFTER EFFECTS is so complicated but fun to learn! I like your workflow!

  6. Macbook Pro is overrated and too expensive, especially in African markets. All you need is a good computer with an excellent processor 2.0 GHz and over(eg Intel Core i3 and above- avoid Celeron processors), at least 6 Gigabytes installed RAM, a good video card eg AMD Radeon. a
    For workflow: 1 TB external drive(buy one extra for backup of content) , 64Gb Sandisk DSLR memory cards(fits directly into a Canon DSLR and Dell Inspirion)
    For software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with update, get presets and plug-ins from internet. Compliment CS6 with Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve and for animation use Autodesk Maya or Autodesk 3dsmax.
    Battery: 3 batteries for camera & 3 batteries for your laptop system.
    Accessories: Good headphones eg Bose, Pioneer or Sennheiser.
    Mic: good lavalier eg Sennheiser for interviews and good USB-condenser mic eg Sennheiser for post-production ovérdubs.

    Cons of Windows OS editing suites:

    1. Adobe Premiere timeline is more prone to crush compared to FinalCutPro. Always save your work every 30 minutes.
    2. Windows OS require more accessories like memory cards.
    3. Windows OS systems are more prone to virus, trojan attacks. Hence invest in a good antivirus avoid Avast. Upgrade your Windows Defender every week compliment with Zone Alarm firewall software.

  7. At home, still using Final Cut Pro 7. At work Premiere Pro and After Effects (love the Adobe Eco system – will be upgrading my home system to this shortly). For on the fly daily vlogs on my iPhone, iMovie or now Lumar Fusion). Premiere pro is my favourite, but I also like being adaptable. Would really be interested in a live streaming software tutorial. Cheers Roberto.

  8. Just discovered your channel this week. All of your content is so on point. Love it. My current setup is macbook pro circa 2012 with samsung T5 for video and the wireless airport extreme as a backup. I spent hours researching a new laptop yesterday so this video is timely. My whole house is an apple environment, but im considering a microsoft Surface 2 book for all of the workflow issues an artist faces with a macbook pro that you mentioned. Runner up is the Alienware 17, because of the speed and memory expandability but those weigh 10lbs. This laptop is my only rig. I use Premier and Photoshop heavily. Which one would you choose if you were me? Thanks for such great content!

  9. Hello, im so happy i found your channel !
    very super fast question:) do you have any problems with hight bit video files editing from Your GH5 ? im talking about 10 bit color 400mb rate, please 🙂
    im planing to buy this model, or the new one 🙁 with 6 cores, but the proce is so high

  10. I like how you put the white apple sticker to look like the old style macbook pro apple glowing logo

  11. How you vloggers lose footage that "disappear" is A mistery to me. I never lost any footage, in 8 years of filming stuff and editing. I wrote on cards over and over and it never erased something by itself. How the fuck do you just loose footage. That never happens.I thik it’sjust to sell those SSD s

  12. dissagree. this you’re paying for the brand, not the hardware. these laptops are too expensive for what they are.

  13. Im a student in college and im taking video editing and we are using adobe Premiere Pro so I decided to purchase it last night so i can do my project at home on laptop it will not let me download it its sending me the same email to download it and it keeps repeating and sending me the same link

  14. Hey Roberto. Love your content. Been subbed for years. What are your thoughts on Toon Boom Harmony?

  15. Oh my gosh Roberto I have to say thanks for this vidoe. Honestly I felt this is above my understanding, I know a little bit and Im still learning. But what has shocked me is when you stated about your footage, "This has just happened to me 3 days ago and it has put me back…I felt a relief and my anxiety just went after hearing you say that…as I just couldnt understand where all the footage had gone. Thanks alot Roberto much appreciate the info in this video…♡SF

    My video editing I found I understand is MovieMaker! I feel its simple for beginners like me. It helped in many ways.

  16. Hardware isn’t my issue; I have a Lenovo Idea Pad Y700 with an i7-6700HQ CPU, 16GB of DDR4 system RAM, an NVidia 960M graphics card with 4GB of DDR5 VRAM, a 256GB PCI-e boot disk and a 1 TB HDD for storage. It came with a 4K touch screen (which I didn’t want) and some other good peripherals. My bottlenecks are that I’m using a cheapo freebie NLE (it’s like surgery with a butter knife) and I hate video editing to begin with.

  17. Great video Robert. My laptop isnt exactly up to speed but make due. I also use Davinci Resolve software

  18. I prefer Premiere Pro. I go to a film class at a vocational school, and I’m also a high school student. Back in January, I got the Premiere certification, because I took a test. And we were taught to use the Adobe suite, since they all work together. My only problem is I need to get a new computer, and I’m thinking about getting a Macbook. I know for a fact, that I at least need a laptop, to edit with on the go. My only draw back, is the fact that they’re so expensive, and I’ll be spending my hard-earned cash on tech that’ll be outdated shortly after buying it.

  19. It would be nice to have you show us editing one of your videos with a voice over telling us why you do what you do and little tips and tricks that you have found.

  20. Strange how no one uses Davinci Resolve. Very similar to Final Cut Pro and the free version will cover most people editing needs. Not to mention having the best grading suite in the industry. I travel with my Razer Pro in the states and my Razer Blade internationally. Last, a slightly better price to storage ratio would be to get a enclosure for a internal SSD.

  21. Hi Roberto, I’ve had Pat Flynn’s SPI 317 repeating on my iPod and just saw you with him in his Tesla vid. I love the scope of your knowledge and your work to empower people! Wanted to add to your resources- buying Refurbished from Apple is a great way to get wonderful hardware and save actual money over the in-store prices. They ship to you for free, they have the same AppleCare plan as new, they have a new case, new cables, new battery. It’s probably been more closely inspected in the refurb process than it was on the assembly line. My gorgeous i7 desktop shipped in a plain box that didn’t have the photo on it, and the model number is changed. I am totes OK with this, as I saved for a real 500 bucks on what had been the highest model. The inventory constantly changes of course. I’d suggest buying the one with the most processing power, as video and efx editing is going to use all the machine’s resources. And buy the best surge protector you can afford! – wishing you and your audience continued success.

  22. I personally would never use Premier on a Mac it’s simply not optimized very well for mac OS. Sure you could run it in boot camp and get slightly better performance but then you run into the GPU acceleration problem. All the current 15 inch Macbook Pro’s use AMD desecrate GPU’s which Premier doesn’t support AMD GPU’s in Mercury playback only Nvidia CUDA. If you want to get the very best out of Premier use a PC desktop or Laptop with an Nivida based GPU.

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