Best FREE Audio Editing Software 2018-2019

Best FREE Audio Editing Software 2018-2019

Top 3 best free audio editing and recording software. Links & downloads in description 🔻🔻🔻
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With these apps you can editor WAV and MP3 sound files. Record and edit speech for YouTube videos and Podcasts. Use the music editor to mix beats and make music. Export as MP3, WAV, OGG and other formats.


Top 3 Best Free Audio Editing Software (2018)


Audacity Basic Tutorial For Beginners 2018:

Best FREE Video Editing Software 2018-2019:

How To Convert MP4 To MP3 For FREE:


1. Audacity


3. Ocenaudio


Music: Bruno E – Hanging Out
Source: YouTube Audio Library

Music: Density & Time – Water Lillies
Source: YouTube Audio Library

Music: Silent Partner – Easy Breezy
Source: YouTube Audio Library


  1. love your videos i sub i like to give you head up with 2 other audio daw,s they are free and very pro like one is reaper it say 60 days for free with with what i heard after the 60 days it dont just stop working it keeps working ok the 2nd one that it free and very pro i fill Tracktion with this one when they update Tracktion to new one they give to older one for free all you got to do is give a email that all very easy

  2. Audacity actually comes with a bundle featuring everything you need including LAME converter. I didn’t even realize it could read ogg files til I opened one in it.

  3. Hey i need a app or what ever to like take sound and cancel out backround noise like if some one is talking and the fan noise is in the way i want to take out the fan noise and street car noise and only have the voice please help

  4. can someone help i need to cut the audio of two songs and put them together how ??????????

  5. Hey for a tips channel for my opinion your kinda popular have fun 1+ like
    and you want a great editor use Hitfilm

  6. what do you mean 2018-2019? its not even close to the ending of 2018, but this video was very VERY helpful so i thank you.

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