Mac vs PC for Video Editing: Which is best for you?!

Mac vs PC for Video Editing: Which is best for you?!

Mac vs PC for Video Editing… Find out which is the best video editing platform for you! *** Free Guide – The Ultimate Video Editing Process! ***


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— Mac vs PC for Video Editing: Which is best for you?! —

Mac vs PC. PC vs Mac… It’s a debate that never ends, and there’s some fierce opposition on both the Windows and MacOS sides! Inevitably, doing a comparison video like this will stoke the flames and draw the hateful wrath of impassioned ‘fanboys’ on both sides of the fence – but we thought what the hey. We get asked ALL the time whether PC or Mac is better for video editing, so why not throw our hat in the ring and help a few people out in the process!

I’ve been using both Windows and Mac for a long time now. In fact, while I was starting out in Pro Video Production I was putting my IT degree to use building Windows & Hackintosh desktops and servers for clients (and myself). After spending a TON of time on both sides of the fence, there are some BIG differences that you’ll want to consider before deciding on PC vs Mac if you’re editing video.

In this video I run through the key benefits (and detractors) I’ve found of both Mac and PC for video editing!

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  1. Great video Justin I use to love PCs but had enough with constant updates, viruses so out of anger went to MAC and been with it for over 3 years and never going back to PC. Mac is just hassle free and reliable Machine Virus free longer battery. the only thing I regret is not switching sooner. I use to hate MAC coz I had PC and loved idea of upgrading but it all changed lol PC for Gaming all the way but MAC for photos and video editing.

  2. If you only need to edit 4k videos and use ProRes then Mac, but if you need heavy visual effects, GPU 3d renderings, combining softwares like 3dsmax/vray, custom render farms along with videos… you need Windows. Simple.

  3. What minimum spec would you recommend for editing 4k video in Final Cut Pro?

  4. Thanks Justin!!! My one mind is inclined to MacBook Pro 2018 and other two PC (Dell New XPS 15 or ThinkPad P71)….. unfortunately there isn’t any update on MacBook Pro 2018 yet.

  5. To me (a noob) it looks like you should go with the Mac because Final Cut Pro X, if you’re going to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC no matter which computer you buy then a PC, and this is only for video editing, if you’re going to use your computer for gaming and other things then PC

  6. Will never go back to PC. I spent more time fixing it and updating drivers than working. Macs, as said in the video, just "work", for the most part, and keeping them updated and backed up is SO much easier.

  7. Perhaps 10 years ago Mac had a definite edge. Now, not so much – in fact they might be falling behind. The OS is somewhat more user friendly, but seriously – how much time to you spend messing with the OS as opposed to actual applications?

  8. Awesome video thank you very much for sharing this content thinking of switching to mac and this is just the video I needed 🙂 Appreciate it! Keep making great videos 🙂

  9. Rather clever, rather professional and rather un-youtubie.
    Will stick to Apple : the comfort of reality is so refreshing when living among humans.

  10. What are your thoughts of a final Cut Pro x and after effects workflow? I need after effects for advanced titles and then I wand FCPX because of speed

  11. What if I can only afford a MacBook Air? Should I buy it? Or a PC for that price? I like MacBook Air’s battery life, and my old laptop needs a replacement too. But, I have plans for using my future laptop for video editing too. Any suggestions??

  12. Hi agree in both cases.Put not everybody as and IT degree.It"s one thing to buy the best part fastest card what about compatibility etc,,,, PC are not that cheap anymore.All the bugs pop up.PC not very friendly user.What Mac those best these day is take or money.Mac is losing a lot of FANBOY’S.Because I have a Mac I don’t have the choice.If I had and IT DEGREE YES.

  13. Hey Justin, great video! I think you really organized the information well here for both sides. I learned video editing and professional TV broadcast right as the digital switch was taking place, so I learned on older hardware and older technologies such as MiniDV as the main video format when dealing with portable cameras, G4/G5, and earlier intel Macs as hardware, and final cut studio/express as software. Now adays I see more bashing of good setups if they aren’t the latest. I purchased a late 2015 27" iMac the beginning of 2017 as there was no word from apple when the official refresh would be, or what it would be, and include.Now that Apple did refresh, I’ve been told a few times by fanboys that the computer I got isn’t good enough anymore. I think Youtube has really changed and distorted the meaning of video editing, and what’s good and what’s not . Production includes all kinds of things and the requirements for each are all different, depending on what it is.

  14. I can see why you delayed… mac fanboy. The biggest problem with Mac or Windows users for that matter, is they are incapable of having and open mind, or using their claimed education. I’ll use whatever technology is best, even if it means educating myself for optimization.

    P.S. I’d love to give an opinion on Mac optimization, but I’ll have the Trump supporters after me… Paris accord, cough, cough

  15. Ok this is just wrong.
    1: Not all Mac user use FCP you need to address how poor the Mac is with Premiere.
    2: To say an app is optimised because it uses Quik Sync and its not if it does not use it is ignorant. First of all quik sync is only on consumer CPU’s. Xeon and high end i7’s (6900k 6950k) dont support quick sync. Premiere is designed for high end workstations not consumer PC’s and thus will never support quik sync. That is also why consumer Macs render faster than more powerful Mac Pro’s in FCP because Mac Pro’s have Xeons.
    3 Premiere is optimised for cuda cores and works well with cuda machines especially playing back in real time GPU accelerated effects. So to say premiere is not optimised is wrong and I already explained why premiere does not use quik sync.
    4 Old Macs that use nvidia graphics perform better in premiere than new Macs with AMD graphics again dispelling your optimisation theory.
    5 There are PC video editing apps that render faster than final cut pro with no special optimisations between hardware maker, microsoft and app developer. So explain how they render faster with no optimisation v your theory of optimisation on Mac?
    6: If you have a degree in IT and you need to install 3 drivers to maker cuda work on the XPS 15 says it all.

  16. One thing I like about Mac over PC is there’s no need to get a Mac serviced every 12 months as I had to do with a PC. Also when I receive system upgrades from Mac they download and install as they download. With PC they downloaded then they installed making the process very long. Buying software from the Apple store which supposedly has been checked for compatibility and more importantly security seems safe. Whereas with a PC I never found a Microsoft store to buy pretested programs from.
    As Justin Brown is from Australia like me, he knows we have some of the worst internet speeds in the world. High speed broadband? You won’t find that in Australia. I have ADSL1 and a 1080p edited video takes an age to upload. 1 minute = 1 hour upload time. Gaming? forget it. By the time the you’re ready to start playing, the games over.

  17. The battery argument is obsolete now that the surface book 2 is coming out… 17h battery with video watching..

  18. I have a beast PC (Devils Canyon i7 & 980ti ) and an older MacBook Pro (2011 dual core 2.4ghz) I love how fluid everything is on mac and if I could afford another MBP with an i7 I would buy it in a heartbeat but My current MBP takes 4x’s the time to render because of the CPU! My 2 cents. Great video

  19. My initial response was $3000 windows laptop would be absolutly beast spec wise compared to a Mac. I never regret leaving the Apple ecosystem, paying sometimes double per point performance still baffles me.

  20. I had to stop at 1:36 and already got false information… Optimization and FCP X on older MacBook Pro’s and 4k Video… I own an older MacBook Pro with an i7 and 16 gigs of ram and I can tell you from experience it does NOT playback or edit 4k smoothly AT ALL… it is awful really… so that bit of information debunked… No I am not a fan boy of either… I figured years ago if I am going to make a comment I’d better know what I am talking about… No I am not against Apple and in fact I love Apple for some things… Video editing is not one of them… Not when I can simply buy a PC for half the price and have money left over for Lens’s or lights etc… Mac used to be better that is no doubt.. that is just simply not the case anymore… Should you rush out and buy a PC now? no… not unless you need to edit 4k video… even huge YouTubers who do 4k videos have switched to PC for video editing… 99% of you people will not be buying the new iMac Pro with its huge price tag… Most people watching these videos want do edit on a budget… then PC is hands down the way to go… if you are rich and just want to look superior then Mac is the obvious choice… I use a PC for edits and my old Mac for web browsing, social media and a plex media server… thats about all its good for these days… hate it or not Windows is not as shitty as it used to be… UNLESS you buy a cheap $300 Windows PC.. then yes it is still shitty… However if you are on a budget here is a PC that will absolutely edit 4k video with out any issues what so ever for $650 You are welcome No I do not make any money from that link…

  21. I am a student and I am passionate about graphic design and video editing. I play some video games but nothing it is not very frequent and they are not very heavy.

    I have a laptop of the Republic of Gamers Asus’s line:
    Asus GL552JX – Intel i7 4720HQ, 8GB, 750GB + 128GB SSD, nVidia GTX950M 4GB, 15.6" uSlim FHD

    My laptop was quite expensive and I like the performance but I hate the design and I don’t like the Windows interface that much. I really wanted to switch to the Macbook Pro 13” Retina display (without the touch bar) 8GB, 226GB, because of the interface and because of Final Cut Pro.

    I feel like I would really like the interface but it feels like a downgrade in specs for such an expensive machine.
    I have a nice budget but I am not sure if the money is worth it.

  22. hey please reply.. I am from india.
    for 4k future film ediing windows desktop 16GB ram, Core i7, 7th genration
    which is best ??

  23. How could this have happened that PC means Windows based computer??? Or Mac is not a Personal Computer anymore?

  24. Good one, for me though the Mac is not a choice with all the games and software i have for Windows, and yes i like to fiddle around and upgrade hardware from time to time.

  25. It depends on what you mean by video editing. If you include After Effects, Maya, and Cinema4D then the 2016 macbook pro which is the most advanced machine apple makes right now isn’t going to be fast enough and if you are going to spend 4000+$ on something it would better get the job done fast, so you need a PC. if you only aim to do stuff that final cut can do though then it’s debatable.

  26. Hi Justin, thanks for all your videos. I have a question, Please I need a good camera for my beauty videos & instagram. I have just about 300$ . Please, advice me on which camera to get. Thank you.

  27. can you plz tell best video compressor for YouTube can you make a video on that.? love your work love from India always regards!!!☺

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