1. Just a question, do you even need a chord progressions when ever you make a trap beat? Because everything I’m hearing now a days is just melodies and baselines layered over multiple instruments? If so when do use chord progressions?

  2. I was in the stu with Travis porter when they put out that SAQ mixtape. Your beats crazy I make beats too but I was just there wit ALI cooling keep cooking

  3. help me if u can bro im bout to produce i love music and everybody in my city want to rap so aye theres the hustle

  4. mane i like your beats because before you know it people are gonna making ‘2-17’ "type" beats
    thats how i feel about my beats

  5. yoo 217 one big question bro ?! do you get paid up front from rappers like 2 chainz or u get a portion of his sales from yo prod ?! bkuz alotta producers dont seem like they living large besides metro /zaytoven/mike will/ maybe sonny ditigal but thats just sum i need to kno bro

  6. Everyone is using a keyboard and I’m sitting here with a mouse putting everything in place on piano roll kek

  7. 10:23 I really started fuckin with this hoe, this nigga getting these special beats from Jesus himself

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