Writing & Producing Videos That Make an Impact

Writing & Producing Videos That Make an Impact

Finding the right format and storytelling are key considerations when making videos that can inspire social change. Get tips from Creator for Change fellows, Niharika NM, Subhi Taha, and Leena from Just Kiss My Frog, on pre-production, approaching tough topics with your audience, and empowering your audience to take action.

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  1. 🤔 I think I would have put “social change” in the title – this video is not what I was expecting though it is informative. I’m More interested in general story telling that hot button issues

  2. I learn a lot from this Video
    And Hey guys please kind SUBSCRIBE to my channel and i will return the favor,Thank you.

  3. Great episode, excellent personalities! stop the negativity and start the work

  4. I wonder if everyone at YouTube seriously thinks there are no people over 40 in the world.

  5. This video inspired me to create a video series that focuses on “white” accomplishments throughout history, and also how heterosexual relationships has allowed the human race to exist for millions of years. Also I might touch upon how the world discriminates against Christian culture and traditions.

  6. Not hating to any other religious denomination out there.. but I’ve noticed YouTube has never promoted Christian YouTubers…. Not that I have seen anyway.. If you’ve seen any by YouTube please post the links below… I’m keen to see if there is any.. I’ve seen pro LGBT+ videos Pro Muslim.. and even pro atheist content but never seen YouTube promote a pro Christian YouTuber 🤔🤨 Interested to hear your opinions

  7. I am just starting and need soooo much help! I just want to provide fun and useful info to a like audience.

  8. Thanks for the tips but actually I do take time to learn thing and teach others although I don’t write all down but I will consider doing it more, I know my videos help many people but I still want to improve anyways thanks

  9. "Seja consistente, seus seguidores precisam saber o que vão encontrar em seu canal, sempre que receber uma notificação…"

  10. I try to inspire people to go vegan showing them that eating this way is easy and fun, and I like sharing my experience and my view on the subject.
    And I don’t like to make scripts for my videos, they would be too constricting. Maybe I write dome some pointers, at the most. I prefer to awkward and make mistakes sometimes, because this is who I am.

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