WHAT TO USE FOR EDITING & AUDIO – getting started on YouTube series

WHAT TO USE FOR EDITING & AUDIO – getting started on YouTube series

This video & series will be dedicated to giving advice from my personal experience on how to become a youtuber, instagrammer, social media influencer, etc. My experience is a mix of both how I personally grew on social media, and my background and education in film. This is a very surface look at editing and audio because I wanted to cover as many options as possible for you. If you have further questions about any part please leave it in the comments or continue your research! There’s a ton of info online on any given topic or product mentioned here.


I mentioned the use of AudioBlocks.com in this video as a good option for copyright free music- it’s a subscription service I’ve paid for to make sure I was going about using music appropriately and legally in my videos. I no longer support or want to promote the use of their services to you guys because they have been a nightmare to deal with. There’s something valuable I’ve learned from my experience with them, as I’m sure I’ll continue to in all areas of this social media series, so I want to pass that lesson on to you still:

Look for a music provider that has a music library of *songs that SOLELY exist and belong to that label/provider*. Let me explain what that means-
This is straight from Audio Blocks’ website: “*often composers will also submit their music to a third party who specializes in obtaining royalties.* YouTube will then utilize an algorithm called Content ID to find videos that use content from these third parties. When YouTube gets a Content ID match, that third party will then monetize the video to ensure that the royalties go to the copyright holder on record.”

That means that they allow their artists to sell the same songs AudioBlocks carries, to other places that might not give away the music royalty free- making it much more likely to get copyright claimed. Youtube is about to change their system so that monetization from copyright claims effectively move to escrow until the claim is fully settled- so the correct party doesn’t lose any money, but that system is not in place just yet.

I’ve gotten three very successful videos of mine claimed because of AudioBlocks music in the first couple days of upload- the most crucial for views, and monthly earnings. Audio Blocks helped to remove the first two but the third claim went on for weeks, and I will not see the monetization for that video in that time period (or the first two) ever unless I fight for it now. A company who bought the same song as Audio Blocks, now has my earnings on a video that hit a million views in it’s first week. No content creator should have to go through this when they have done everything right, and paid for the use of what claims to be ‘100% royalty free music’. Audio Blocks does not make this disparity in their service clear before you pay for it, so be warned.

Please find music providers that do not do this to their supporters. I have dealt with many other music providers that are FREE and have never run into an issue with them- two examples are incompetech.com and No Copyright Sounds.

How to clean up audio using Adobe Audition:

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Teelo – Baby (Instrumental)

Harmful or Fatal by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-…
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

The Life and Death of a Certain K. Zabriskie, Patriarch by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)
Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/vendaface/
Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/

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  7. SOMEONE PLS ANSWER. Can I use the condenser mic as a mic for diegetic sound?? Like I plug it in my phone and then I’ll just sync it when I’m editing.

  8. Very awesome video lots of good tips!! I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit all my videos
    And Lightroom for General photo editing and Photoshop for more indepth photo editing, or graphics.

    In terms of using music, if you use copyrighted, your entire video can also be muted, I had a whole wrestling show I edited get muted because one of the wrestlers used Kanye West.

  9. I would like to start a channel to capture my piano playing. Audio is important. Video is second. I’ll need to include sponsors and minor video editing for the video. What do you recommend? Thanks in advance.

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  16. As someone who does V.Os for most of her videos, I recently realized it’s important to vary how things are worded. Because I record my V.Os in pieces and not all at once, I have to be careful not to end up with two or more sentences in a row that start and/or end the same way.

    As for allowing longer seconds in between instructions, I’ve found it’s very important, when doing a tutorial to have at least a second or two of silence in when moving from one set of instructions to another. That way people know, we’re done with this part, and we’re moving on to the next.

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