VIDEO EDITING TUTORIAL – First episode showing my tips and tricks on how to edit video!

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  1. Hey, at the 6:36 mark, how do you do the trimming? is it trimming the trailing part of the clip or just making a new cut, so you’ll have to delete trailing footage after?

  2. Your videos of different countries are awesome. Make more like the India one. Keep the creativity. Merci

  3. I keep coming back to this video and the more I get into film the more this makes sense!!! Awesome video really helpful as always thanks!

  4. That was awesome! You do GREAT WORK! Looking forward to MORE… Thx for taking the time JT πŸ™‚

  5. This thing helped me like a lot man! For real. Can you do a tutorial on video color grading? I’m so confused

  6. Hey Taylor, solid stuff! Very helpful! Thanks for doing this. My one question is, what settings do you find yourself filming in most of the time as a general base for your go pro to maintain consistency in your shooting?

  7. Hi Taylor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us beginners and we really appreciate that someone like you shares what u knw. I have couple of questions f u dnt mind. Do you use filters for all your lenses and do you have c-log enable on ur idx? I am using markiv and I do not have any log on it.

  8. This video just blew my mind! I’ve got more work to do😱…challenge acceptedπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  9. This is one of the best video editing tutorials I’ve seen. Thanks so much from someone who is struggling to learn. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey check out my channel for 3D animations / editing !
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  11. Hey Taylor! You are such an inspiration!!
    Im trying to find the correct computer for editing. I had an old imac but im switching for something better. Do you recommend any macbook for editing? having a macbook makes life easier cause i can bring it everywhere but im not sure if it works for editing between premiere, after, and doing color.
    Thank you soy much for your help!

  12. I’m waiting for Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part ……. 100 haha
    Awesome! I’ll be visiting your channel!
    πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

  13. are there any other creators out there who want to create collaboration and something together (short films) ?

  14. Great tips..thank you! I made a note to myself to try the ‘LowPass’ filter on the sound clip. I don’t think I got everything but I’ll have to come back and watch this again. Much appreciated.

  15. Ok so question….I am just starting video editing and I LOVE it!! I want to make it a career. How do you get the videos to look like it came from a movie? Like the color, saturation, lighting, etc.? Is it all the camera doing the work or are you changing some things? Thanks in advance!

  16. wow im so glad i stumbled on this..brilliant thought process in the forward motion and combining clips with common themes

  17. How are you doing the selects using in point and out points within the timeline? Are you using I and O or are you just using the cut tool?

  18. hey could you help me with the little flicker effect at the drop 8:09 πŸ˜€
    I love your videos that much but I cant solve how you did this little flicke πŸ™‚
    a short answer does it too c:

  19. love your content. could you please make a tutorial on how you edit the colours of your video to get to what you have? thanks

  20. Awesome tutorial! I have a question. So you interpret all your footage in 24fps, then you drop it into your sequence right? But when you want a clip to play in real time, what would you do? If you just increase the speed to say 200%, won’t it be choppy since you are trying to make a 24fps clip a 60fps and then playing it back in 24fps? This frame rate stuff has always been confusing for me. If anyone can explain it to me, I would be gratefull. Thx!

  21. I’m a photographer and have recently delved into video. These tips are amazing and help to give me confidence to shoot more video. So thank you!

  22. I just hit the subscribed button I’m looking forward to see more content from you man keep up the good work!

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