Inside Extreme Audi Factory Producing the TT RS and A3 Sedan

Inside Extreme Audi Factory Producing the TT RS and A3 Sedan

This video shows how the Audi TT RS and the Audi A3 Sedan are made inside a very high tech factory.

Video credit: AUDI AG, Post-production by Extreme Machines Magazine
Sector of activity: automobile manufacturer

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  1. in 1984
    this was all done by hand
    the car cost 7000 new
    you made the 90% the same hourly wage

    tell me how this is better.

  2. Why do the hands-on quality control shots turn me on so much? I wish my job had me massaging and ogling brand new sports cars just to be sure they’re perfect.

  3. Audis look good and they are very practical but in the long run they are kinda meh. And they do have issues..

  4. at 4:30 the massaging that goes on these cars is a total erotic my wife is laughing at me because for our 5th anniversary I bought her a Audi R8 v10plus midnight blue with carbon bits to it. Then she asked me do I want a massage I said sure. Mmm be careful what asked for. 🤔🤣😂

  5. Seeing all of this makes me proud of humanity. Almighty God has given mankind so much knowledge, wisdom and understanding to make things happen in this world.

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