HOWTO: Basic Video Editing (Premiere CS5)

HOWTO: Basic Video Editing (Premiere CS5)

I show you guys the basics of editing some videos, music, and still images together to create something cool. Hope you can all go out there and do something cool now!

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  1. Imagine i stretch a 30min/60fps into a 15min one. Do i get a 15min/120fps video? If i upload it to YT, can the user just change YT video playback speed to half and watch the original 30m video but at 30fps?

  2. can you give me source code of this software ??I am a student and need this code for my degree project.can you help me plzzz..???

  3. Question: With all the 4K cams out there, what do you do with the video?
    Do you keep a bunker full of Terabyte hard drives? Or do you reduce
    (rip) the video, and if so whats the best file size vs quality ratio per
    hour of video?

  4. Bro im on CS5.0 but when I add a clip to new item the visuals are much faster than the sound they’re running at same speed. I know that in CS5.5 its called New Sequence from clip but I have 5.0 and can’t use that. So how do I do?

  5. Just out of curiosity. CC is the monthly cloud system where you pay month by month and CS is the physical copy you pay for once and have on your computer?

  6. Massively confusing. Why is this edit stuff so complicated ?
    I purchased a Drone and took some video, but in the built in DJI Go 4 editor, there are no scissors so there is no way to trim out the unwanted bits !!! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  7. put on your headphones turn your volume to max and dont listen @05.48 it’s so beautiful song,
    comment here for people who experienced the beautiful song ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. man this was the best begginers video on editing ive seen thus far i just purchased a canon 70d and a phantom 4 so far completed 2 weddings and two music videos but the process ive had procrastination with is the editing but u just empowered me to push on can i email you i need a mentor lol

  9. I’m building a music blog, and I was wondering, I’ve been using WordPress to make it and design it, what do you use to edit your site?

  10. i like your demeanor while you teach! it’s welcoming, homie, and regular-people-like. ย ha ha!! thanks for this instructional video.

  11. I LIKED his speed, if anything ‘not fast enough’. Just watching it, I had NO PROBLEMs following along or learning. His teaching style is my learning style, TO THE POINT with the HOW. I don’t know about others, but I don’t, won’t and have not the time to sit for hours watching videos to learn little bits here and there which is why I’ve primary used manuals/books/google where I can look up just what I want to know and go straight to the ‘how to’ do it.

    Don’t slow down for anybody is my two cents! If ppl wanna slow it down to do it, they can use the pause key and/or save the video offline.

    Thanks for the video, you reduced my fear of the [complicated & powerful} Premier Pro editor.

  12. This is awesome! I, personally, love the speed. It helped get me the info I needed as soon as possible.

  13. SLOW DOWN!! You talk like you’re running a marathon. If this is for "advanced users" you should include that in the heading.

  14. I thought your tutorial was great & well paced ( I too, hate when tutorials are very slow and drag on & on) Though, I was confused? You seem to be savvy in the media world and as someone in Marketing I must say, GET RID OF THAT LOGO. IT IS ATROCIOUS! Branding is everything – please make your own logo a professional one! aside from that nice vid!

  15. Hi I like the concept but am trying to work it on deep to black its not bringing the actual fade. kindly guide me.

  16. is it better to download the software from the internet? or buy in store? adobe flash player? or adobe editing for video’s?

  17. can you AT LEAST put a link to where you found it, please? that would help me lots ๐Ÿ™‚

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