Advice for Buying Video Editing Laptops

Advice for Buying Video Editing Laptops

Advice for Buying Video Editing Laptops!
The Best Video Editing Laptops are not cheap but they don’t have to be insanely expensive for you to get the best laptop for your type of video editing either.


Having shot and edited 600+ YouTube videos on different hardware including my Asus Laptops, Macs and other machines I can give you some advice on buying the best video editing laptop for your budget and situation.

If you are doing 4K Video Editing on your laptop you will want to go with the higher end laptop models listed below.

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  1. Specs:-
    i3 7130U
    4GB Ram DDR4
    Nvidia 940MX 4GB
    1 TB

    Will it be able to edit 1080p 30fps videos on Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly???

  2. How about AMD 6 laptop with 4 Ram (latest one) for recording basic stuff, like tutorial how to master Excel 2016???? Please answer. Thanks in advance! Take care!

  3. Hi. I enjoy your channel. Question. Do you think an HP Envy 360 can be built to be a decent unit for a beginner.Around $700 I was thinking I 5   8 gig    1 ter    ssd    quad      I am a total beginner. Thinking I would like to make YouTube vids. Do I need to spend the extra $ for dedicated graphics card. I do like the HP 360 look and feel…. Thanx    Jon

  4. Will an i5 7th Gen U with 8gb be enough? I need H procesors, I know but I’m just aking if this will suffice. Also, it has 940mx NV. Thankyou

  5. I will be trying my hands at editing my first short feature. What should i get. I am so clueless. I ahve been dealing with editors who have not come through in their promises, SO now guess who the editor is???? What should i get? Should I get a laptop or desktop?

  6. I usually produce videos around 20 minutes(In full HD, not 4K). I’m looking into buying a MacBook Pro 13 inch. Do u think that Intel core i5,8GB RAM, 256GB SSD is good enough? Or should I upgrade any of these specs? Need ur suggestion.🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. Hi, this video was a pretty big eye opener. I have a toshiba satellite L675 and I’ve recently started really editing video. I was going to buy a newer model laptop but I wanted to know if you personally think it’s worth it to upgrade the hard drive or potentially add a 2nd more powerful hard drive. I’m really excited to here back your advice

  8. Hi! What laptop would you recommend, besides (that is thin, light, has a good performance etc.), that doesn’t have the constant background fan noise even if you for example open lot of tabs in Chrome? Thank you 🙂


    Budget: $700
    8/16 Gbs of Ram (if its 16 and cost a little more that’s okay)
    Core: i7 dont really want an i5
    Decent Hard drives (I use the cloud for most things, my cheap $300 computer isnt even full on memory)
    13-15 inch Computer Screen

    any help would be amazing and id appreciate it a lot. i was looking at the ASUS X555LA-MS51 (its i5 :c)

  10. I have no clue why I trust everything this man says but he’s my go to when I have tech questions.

  11. Thanks for this, Roberto! You explained everything really well and clearly. You’ve cleared up my mind.

  12. Roberto Blake i have an early 2011 mac book max out to its capability.I am planning on buy the Akitio Node to house the zotac ZOTAC GeForce GTX 760 will this card do the trick for video editing it states its 256bits thanks!!!

  13. Finally one of the best videos on this topic Ive seen. Thank you for the clear concise information.

  14. Do you think intels uhd 620 chips can handle 1080-2.7k videos ? Without lagging on the timeline ?

  15. a little confusing for me with all of these different things to consider but thanks for the info anyway! 🙂

  16. A good example of Evergreen Content working for you! Anyway thanks for these recommendations in the market for a new one! ✨💻

  17. honesly, i subscribed because he helped and also his computer wallpaper is sword art online,one of my favorites

  18. i got a x360 spectre with 8gb ram i5 8250u and no nvidia video card. it is great for productivity. I find myself not needed at all the advanced gpu in any task i made. and if you want to do video editing on the go, for the battery reason, you will not want to use the nvidia card. the editing on a laptop will not be perfect. i have a 5820k 32gb ram 980ti hof for when i need the power. i feel like this is the best way to do things. for small stuff you use long battery laptop and for rendering and intensive stuff, you will want a powerful rig.

  19. It’s pleasure to me to watch your excellent videos.
    I want to do graphics design with a cheap budget laptop which will be long time usable. please recommend me some laptops of different price range. Thank you!

  20. i5-7200u
    hd 620
    8gb ram
    amd radeon R5 430M
    8 gb ram

    which one should i get?
    please repy

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