5 Basic Audio-Mixing Techniques for Editing Video

5 Basic Audio-Mixing Techniques for Editing Video

The importance of well-mixed audio in a video project can’t be overstated. Dialogue, ambient noise, sound effects, and music all need to be mixed together properly to enhance the viewer’s experience. Here are 5 basic audio mixing techniques for editing video.

In this video we review:

– Adjusting Gain
– Keyframing Levels
– Ambiance/Room Tone
– Crossfades
– Panning

Learn even more audio mixing techniques for editing video: https://blog.pond5.com/8575-5-basic-audio-mixing-techniques-for-editing-video/

All media used in this tutorial: https://www.pond5.com/collections/2302106
Complete media library: https://www.pond5.com

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  1. Great tips, just started using your stock video content and love it. For a video newbie would you mind telling me the software you are using in this tutorial? Is that Adobe Premiere or After Effects?

  2. Really cool videos, great way teaching… great quality…,
    Thanks for the effort, this place is gonna grow big for sure.
    It would be nice to see longer tutorials, is great the way you teach and show the information..
    Have a nice night…

  3. Always guessed where dialogue, sound and music should be. The ranges you suggested are a great tip. Keep the tips coming.

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