13 Creative Film and Video Editing Techniques

13 Creative Film and Video Editing Techniques

Once you master these edit types and learn why each one is important in different circumstances, you can make your projects more entertaining and your editing more efficient, and you can create a whole editing style of your own that reflects your creative side. Visit our blog to learn more: http://bit.ly/2uq0qDV

In this video we review:
1. standard cut
2. fade in/fade out
3. jump cut
4. montage
5. cross dissolve
6. wipe
7. J/L cuts
8. cutting on action
9. cutaways
10. cross cut parallel editing
11. match cut
12. smash cut
13. invisible cut

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  1. i’m playing around with writing an amateur screenplay.  knowing the different types of editing styles like this helps me to envision my story even better thru the eyes of the director. thank you for this.

  2. Sir how to do these techniques can you post videos on them ? Examplw how to do add standard cut in video!

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