Quick tax filing online by ATX Cloud

ATX is a professional tax software application to operate all kinds of tax operation. CPAs, Accountants, Bookkeepers and professionals file tax returns easily with this application. This comprehensive application is designed for all kinds of tax solutions either filing for state, local federal or personal tax return. All users can file the tax returns for their personal purposes online. ATX tax software operates for all medium and small sized firms along with startups. Any new startup firm can file their tax return simply and conveniently. The application flow is designed in very simple language so that users with no accounting background can understand the basics of tax processing. Tax process has been as easier as it is today with ATX software application. Before the arrival of software application products in the industry, tax return was managed by professional accountants and bookkeepers on papers. The process of paper based filing was obviously hectic and time consuming. With the automated software approach the process of tax filing has got simplified.
New users of accounting or users with low knowledge on account should definitely go for the trial version of ATX first before getting a license. The trial version of ATX is free for 30 days and gives good knowledge of accounting to users. The trial software can be installed on any system or device as most solutions are compatible software solution. The device compatibility is for all systems so users do not need to configure setups and configurations for any system. They can install the app on mobile, tablet or laptop to learn the free version of tax filing unlimited but only for 30 days. When the trial session ends one must look forward to purchase the application license of ATX. To get more knowledge on ATX users can go online and look for webinars that are running live and recorded, tutorials and videos. Online videos so explain the functionality of the software. The license of ATX ids purchased based on the number of user access however it can be upgraded anytime based on business needs. The user access provides respective users to access the system to work on the file the return process. New license buyers get discounts and free tips to get most benefit of the tax application. ATX cloud runs on cloud hosting system and it runs on desktop solutions. It is company owner or professional to decide on the hosting method.
ATX cloud is web based solution that offers freedom to work on the tax filing process from any location like home, travel or café. Users have freedom to access the system and freedom to work anytime while this flexibility is not available for desktop hosting professionals. Desktop hosting of ATX is a traditional system that runs only from the local hosting servers. To operate the tax filing process, users must collaborate on the real time system from premises while some company owner’s hesitate mobbing to cloud due to online insecurity to data and files. ATX cloud is highly secure system online hosted on remote servers.

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