1. The audio ducking is called audio automation – if you use the pen tool (P) and then hold command (ctrl on pc) you can convert the points to bezier to have more natural curves in the automation. Another tip, holding shift and dragging while you have multiple points selected will allow you to move them all together horizontally or vertically with out moving the other way so you can easily drag your points to a different spot in the clip with out risk of changing the volume, or it will let you change the volume without risking moving the point left/ right (this works for one or multiple points at once). Also taking a still and adding scale/ motion is known as the Ken Burns effect.

  2. I always loved video editing. Unfortunately I went into programming. I do keep trying video editing in between, although I am definitely not good at it.
    I also usually fall asleep watching a programming tutorial. But I am not sure how I watched this more than 4 hour long video in one day in two sittings.

    I think credit goes to you Taran, for making it so incredibly value packed, educational while keeping it entertaining. You not only packed the premiere workflow tutorial, you also packed information about LTT, the importance of exercise, importance of having a noise free environment while editing, all the while making us feel nice to know that those pesky bugs of Premiere is not just for us. While you also told your incredible past, challenges and also shared your ideas for what future could be for video editing. And I haven’t even mentioned those little incredible video suggestions in the end.

    I am not sure how to thank you for making this incredible video. I feel incredible fortunate to have watched this video. Keep doing the good work. 🙂

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  5. I have a 2Gb ram, windows 7 (64bit) and 2Gb video and use hitfilm express and it works great on a low end PC. Best feature I like is the motion tracking if the point is lost, it will stop and ask you to correct the tracking if the point blurs due to the motion is too fast, you can correct it and continue tracking. Most other software will try to think where to track and will screw it up! LOL

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  12. Specs:-
    i3 7130U
    4GB Ram DDR4
    Nvidia 940MX 4GB
    1 TB

    Will it be able to edit 1080p 30fps videos on Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly???

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  19. Very interesting video and preferring Rode equipment as I do there is one particular question that needs answering, when discussing the way in which a Rode shotgun works you describe the slots on either side of the tube, – but there is only one side with sots on with the Rode NTG8 – looking forward to your reply, regards

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    I couldn’t find anything about this in your videos (I also got your a6500 Guide, which is really awesome btw). I was wondering if it does make a change on which video format or data rate I use when it comes to the recorded sound quality (using a directly plugged mic). Do I get different quality with 4k 100M or 1080p 60M or whatever?
    Thanks in advance

  25. What are the official links because a lot of popular editors are getting ripped off and people are using the fake editors to scam people.

  26. Are you having to sync up your audio in editing? What do you do if you have a lot of different takes or making a "short film". Is it pretty tedious since your audio isn’t synced up with your video??

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  34. 40:07 I’m not sure if anyone else commented on this yet. Your two tracks are perfectly in phase, so the information is doubled. Bass frequencies tend to carry a lot of energy, so they will sound louder. If you use one single mono clip, duplicate it, and reverse the polarity, you’ll notice that many of the frequencies will cancel each other out and you will get the exact opposite effect!. If you think the clip sounds less full by itself, wait until you try playing it back with another clip that is out of phase, you will notice an immediate difference. For more information try looking up "Phase Correlation" in regards to recording audio. Thanks for this video man, really appreciate it!

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  40. Hmm.
    The fastest CPU is only a little faster than the second fastest. I’d look at the price list as an aid.

    There are two kinds of SSD. Those packaged as replacement spinning disks, and those that plug into the motherboard. I know about the M.2 form factor, that’s your second SSD. I didn’t recognise the first.

    There are two kinds of M.2 SSDs. It’s essential that your SSD matches your motherboard (or plugin card). SATA SSDs are slower than PCIe NVRM SSDs. The latter are much faster, but also more expensive.

    Your RAM doesn’t need to be faster than your CPU requires for its top performance.

    That computer has lots of USB3.0 ports. USB3.1 is much faster. The A ports have red tongues, not the blue I saw. I don’t like USB 2 ports, there’s no good reason for them these days.

    Clock speed isn’t a good comparison of CPU performance across different brands, generations or series of CPUs. I’m counting i3, it, i7 and i9 as different series. If it matters, look for comparative benchmarks. Probably Intel and AMD have useful comparisons within their own products.

  41. Depends for what. Playback (IMO most important part of editing) uses LESS, FAST cores.

    I have 32 Cores at 2.2GHz , 2x XEONS. Fast Renders and warps, SLOW playback.

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  47. Hi Curtis, I’m about to make a live stream video-classes, just teachers sit on a table with lavaliers. My Canon Vixia however has only 3,5mm mic output. Do you think is wise invest in something like a Kopul XLR adapter and buy a lavalier mic with XLR conector or Im safe with my actual 3,5mm lav connector? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance!

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    Anyway, great guide, Taran. Keep it up! 🙂

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  55. You reference Hitfilm 4 Express as if it were free. That is barey true. There is so much functionality that is turned off, but visible and tantalizing that it was absolutely worthless to me. I downloaded it, installed it, opened it and got it running, tried using it,but it required purchase to do the most basic of things; it is utterly worthless software….so I uninstalled it again – all in the length of 15 minutes. It was an incredibly disappointing experience.

    How much have they paid you to shill there worthless crap?
    It isn’t enough to trash your own reputation this way, I would suggest.
    Not subscribing.

  56. Side note, if you want to do FX on carpet, you can go to a house painting store and get one of the canvas drop cloths they sell for painting inside walls in homes. I got mine at sherwin williams. I am a full time acrylic painter and I do body painting and FX and I still have yet to ruin the carpet in my room. It’s an option.

  57. Thanks for the review and advice. I have been thinking for s few days about purchasing a desktop for editing because I just ordered some pretty nice new camera equipment (by my standards anyways), but then decided that it would be much more rewarding to build one instead. I am freshly retired, still kind of young and I love the outdoors and working a bit with photography. So I figured that I would try and mix the two hobbies together.
    Now, I am so completely technologically impaired that it’s frustrating. I’ve learned quite a lot over the last few days of watching everyones versions of their greast PC builds. And I agree with them. Their knowledge of the systems, the components and the way that they interact with each other towards sn end result, have been in most cases very impressive and informative.

  58. My recommendations is:
    Free: Davinci Resolve and Hitfilm Express
    Sub 200$: Filmora and Cyberlink Powerdirector
    200$ and above: Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro
    Skill Levels:
    Beginner: VSDC free and Filmora
    Intermediate: Hitfilm Express and Cyberlink Powerdirector
    Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve
    Thank me later 😉

  59. i’ve been buying camera, audio pc, and desk equipment to get a solid assortment of equipment i need to make reviews and streams with, and just stumbled across your page while noticing that my rode videomic doesnt plug directly into the alesis soundmixer. this is exactly what i need to be briefed on right now lol. Thanks!

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  61. You are taking a relatively close up video. Is this setup adequate to record church services at a greater distance – 40 feet? how far, perhaps?


  63. Imagine i stretch a 30min/60fps into a 15min one. Do i get a 15min/120fps video? If i upload it to YT, can the user just change YT video playback speed to half and watch the original 30m video but at 30fps?

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    This whole thing comes off as a computer buying guide made by people who don’t know what the hell theyre talking about.
    Like, I get that you want to make a beginner-level guide but this kind of thing is absolutely the most basic knowledge.
    When they sent you that shiny (terrible thermal performance) machine, did they not give you talking points? Because everything else about this video sounds like a cute lil ad for MSI. Call me cynical.

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    Shalom from Los Angeles 🙂

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  76. Premiere doesn’t even support any color management.
    Just using it for editing and pushing an XML to Davinci Resolve to either use RCM or better ACES.

  77. Nice video! Some suggestions for future tutorials. An explanation of why sound is mostly measured in negative decibels might help. For me, making an analogy to photography helps. In recording, the recorder can never know how to expose (set gain) for the sound one wants to recorder. Should it set the gain high (like high ISO) for distant voices, or low (low ISO) for a rock concert? Like a camera, most sound equipment can try to use an AGC (automatic gain), like auto-ISO, but we all know that it’s best to choose the ISO you know is best for the recording. Like photography, you really always want to shot at ISO 100, that is no audio gain. So what does that mean?

    It means that you never record a sound that is louder than the device can record at all frequencies (colors), like sunlight to a camera. In audio, the recorder sets it’s maximum ability to differentiate sound (like light in photography) at 1 volt of signal (or something like that). That is displayed as 0 decibels on your recorder. 0 isn’t 0, it’re really the place where the signal/power is at its highest before being overwhelmed.

    The reason audio recorders don’t have their numbers set 0 to Infinity (or some really high number) is that is that such a scale would not mark your saturation point, the way ISO 100 does in photography. 0 decibels is essentially the maximum, BEST, sensitivity of your recorder. You can record sounds louder than it’s sensitive to, but that leads to some frequencies not being recorded (leading to distortion). You can record below it, say -128 decibels, but now the recorder struggles with picking up the audio without noise, again, just like photography.

    So when you say you want to record at -12 decibels but publish closer to 0 decibels you’re not giving the full reason, and that may help viewers make more sense of it. When recording, you can’t predict the maximum loudness, so you must set your recording to a level that maximizes the recorder sensitivity, without going past what it can record properly. There’s NO PERFECT recorder setting. It’s a judgement call. Do you get every nuance of the person’s voice at 0 db, hoping they never go over, or do you loose a little bit of detail at -24 db but know that if they laugh it won’t be distorted? However, once you have your recording finished, you can move your data around to closet fit it up to the 0 decibel level. Most people use compression to improve that (another subject I’m sure you’ll cover). Anyway, I think what you meant to say is in your experience -12 db is a good compromise for you and that viewers should test out various levels on their equipment to see for themselves the effects. Like in photography, record at too low a db and you loose shadow detail, record too close to 0 (or above) and you lost highlights. And, like in photography, you want to avoid high ISO (gain). You want the right microphone, and placement (like a lens) to get the best audio without gain. A whole other video, or two or three… 😉

    Hope this long-winded comment helps 🙂

  78. Question: With all the 4K cams out there, what do you do with the video?
    Do you keep a bunker full of Terabyte hard drives? Or do you reduce
    (rip) the video, and if so whats the best file size vs quality ratio per
    hour of video?

  79. Seemed really usefull, but I didn’t like how text is applied to the entire clip and how messy the transitions are.

  80. Fusion is a level up for replacing Adobe AE if you are already lost in thousands of layers, precomps, etc and dream for a nice clean interface and absolutely powerful node based system. It has built in particle system, powerful 3D tools and many other features. Check it out at Blackmagicdesign.com. It is free for output formats up to 4k resolution. It might be worth of trying

  81. You may have answered this somewhere, but what would the total cost of this machine be if you were to purchase it yourself?

  82. I just want something as good as my 1st windows 7 version 2008! Why is nothing as good and easy? Everything I wanted to do was possible, easy, intuitive, and self-explanatory. Is there anything like that anymore?

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  86. Hi Taylor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us beginners and we really appreciate that someone like you shares what u knw. I have couple of questions f u dnt mind. Do you use filters for all your lenses and do you have c-log enable on ur idx? I am using markiv and I do not have any log on it.

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  90. Scale to Frame size is meant to be used with proxies (say you’re cutting 720 but on a 4k timeline, when you switch batch to full res 4k clips your scaling is all preserved) & is also helpful if you’re sending your footage to Davinci, as davinci scales based on timeline size, as opposed to clip size.

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    tell me how this is better.

  97. I have the Rode Video Mic Pro and I use it with the Panasonic G7. I wanted to improve the audio quality and bought the Zoom H5. However, the audio quality is worse with the Video Mic pro plugged into H5….

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  100. Hi Curtis 🙂 I have question – how I can make onlain facebook video, with good voice. For example, I use phone with internet, but how to conect audio with phone or camera and to translate in FB?

  101. So according to your recommendation, which msi desktop pc would you recommend? At the moment i am using my msi laptop and it is doing a descent job but i wish to update my 8 year old desktop which cant even handle PS.
    Do I an i7 or i9 to edit 4k video? My laptop is i7 with 32G 3d memory.

  102. Regarding volume levels, you mention how quiet it is which is great. But does it arc up to ugly levels under load? And even if it gets a little noisy when rendering, what about just under normal editing operation?

  103. Hi, great video I learned a good amount of audio through this, I don’t have a recorder with digital audio level display but definitely need one. I know zoom models are a go to recorder that most use but could you recommend any other brands or models of recorders that offer those digital audio levels that are not as expensive as the zoom models?

  104. I use GIMP. Easily the best way to create quality vids. Oh wait, it only does photos. Well that explains the crappy slideshows that I make

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  108. Thanks for such helpful information. I am having problems with my WAV files though. I am currently editing a video for which I had the audio recorded separately. After doing the sinking, the audio only plays on computers but never on cellphones except when using headphones. Sounds strange to me. has somebody encountered such problems. I tried to convert into different formats but nothing. Can you help?

  109. How about AMD 6 laptop with 4 Ram (latest one) for recording basic stuff, like tutorial how to master Excel 2016???? Please answer. Thanks in advance! Take care!

  110. There is a reason why I bought a Mac; it was not to be one of the cool kids that wanted the best of the best. No it was because of the music production I do on it. Hours and hours sitting in front of my Mac copying, pasting, moving, deleting, hour after hour just beating on my Mac in a endless assault to get my work done. That is the key part, my work. I work from home, it is great, but even if it is from home it is still work and it still needs to get done. So my Mac, I have it because it is fast, gets the job done and comes back for more.

    But what happens when it doesn’t want to do those things anymore?

    I move around massive amounts of information and yes even on the almighty Mac this can cause a problem after a while. Things fragment, programs get corrupted issues come up. My light speed Mac slows down to a crawl and all of the sudden I simply cannot get any work done. Because I work from home there is no IT guy to call and ask to come fix it. No instead I have to figure out what is wrong. I am lucky, I did, but not after trying everything under the sun first and wasting countless hours looking for one program that can do what I needed instead of ten programs. One program to lead them all….okay that was a lame Lord of the rings reference, but that program was/is Detox My Mac. A simple to use program that did not just fix my issues, it put my Mac on overdrive again. A few clicks and my Mac was clean and ready to rock and roll again.

    Read more here:- http://detox-my-mac.com?vhbshygdf398432

  111. اسلام علیکم بھای مجھے وہ لاک بتاے جو آنے والی کال پر لگے جاے اور میرے سوا کوی سن نہ سکے لاک کھولے بغیر

  112. Watching this in 2018 be advised that wireless has come a REALLY long way and is much cheaper and have plenty of quality for any indie filmmaker….
    If you are a pro, you can afford the good stuff.
    For those on a tight budget, you have numerous options available, just do your research.
    Ben R4m-Z

  113. This is one of the best video editing tutorials I’ve seen. Thanks so much from someone who is struggling to learn. 🙂

  114. Is there a name for this affect — I want to change the background, while the person is moving, the background will rapidly change, no green screen.

  115. Never lower the opacity of your background clips. that’s just asking for problems. Put a separate black video clip over top of it, or use curves or some other effect, but never lower the opacity.

  116. Sony Vegas is the one of the best ones for Windows and I am from the United States at content creator on YouTube and twitch and mixer on the PlayStation 4 and I use a capture card I have a mixer channel on Xbox One two and a twitch in a YouTube on Xbox one as well that answers your question of what I do I am trying to work my way up the ladder

  117. I just bought this, I hook the boom mic in channel one, and it does not record in stereo. I have it set to dual stereo. Any suggestions?

  118. Bro jb main full project ko final kr k export ki option pr click krta hun to jo option ap k pas show hoti hai wo mere pas ni open hoti. iski kya reason hai??? Plz guide me if u can. M waiting

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